How is Your Recruiting Going to Change September 1st?

On September 1st the NCAA opens the doors on college recruiting for upper classman. For all Junior’s that is the date D1 and D2 coaches can officially begin to send emails, letters and accept your social media request. For senior football players coaches will be allowed to start calling once per week starting Saturday. This […]

Understanding Initial Eligibility Waivers

When Washington State announced that Que Johnson had been ruled a partial qualifier by the NCAA, it lead to a bit of confusion. Partial qualifiers have not existed in Division I since August 2005, when a set of new initial eligibility standards became effective. Partial qualifiers will return as “academic redshirts” in 2016, but for […]

Georgia Coach Mark Richt Shows Junior College Can Get You Recruited

Junior college can help athletes in all sports get a little more experience prior to attending a four-year school. For some athletes in certain sports, like football and to some extent basketball, junior college can be a necessary stepping stone to playing in the NCAA. Some Coaches Really Like Junior College Athletes Georgia football coach […]

Strategies to Help You Get Early Scholarship Offers

In the majority of our blogs we highlight how top recruits go through a slightly different process than the rest of potential college prospects. We want recruits of all abilities to learn the ins and outs of college recruiting, and the best  way we can show you this is by telling you what you see […]

College Coaches Use Social Media for Recruiting

Social media, and mostly Twitter, has entrenched itself in the college recruiting world, and it’s only going to continue to dig in deeper. Social media allows information to travel at basically instantaneous speed, which makes it the perfect vehicle for coaches to learn more about recruits, and vice-versa. We love to talk about social media at Athnet. […]

Conferences, Not NCAA, Keep Nonqualifiers Out of School

One of the most stressful times for a college athlete is waiting for their initial eligibility status to clear. The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies athletes as qualifiers or non-qualifiers, and so they hold many of the cards for athletes waiting to be cleared. Delays; going back and forth between the Eligibility Center, high school, prospect […]

Make Sure You Know The New NCAA Eligibility Standards

In just a few weeks, a brand new group of high school students will start both their athletic and academic careers. Because of the way a bunch of rules in Division I combine together, the start of high school is extremely important. Once a student starts the ninth grade, they have 10 years and must […]

Seven Strategies College Coaches Use to Find Players

One of the most common questions we answer for potential student-athletes is “How will coaches find me?” This sounds like it should be a straight forward answer, but unfortunately it is not. It is our job to explain to recruits that there is no set formula college coaches use to find you. College recruits and […]

Tips For Potential College Walk-ons

A great question was posted on one of our favorite recruiting blogs, Coach Thurmond’s College Golf Recruiting Blog. A recruit asked him, “For the Walk-On Tryout in September, do I just show up and play, or is there a registration process?” Not all Athletes are Scholarship Athletes We have discussed walking-on as a topic before, […]

The Top Recruits Have What Most Recruits Don’t

Student-athletes need to realize when it comes to their recruitment the more they do to get their name out to coaches the better their chances of being offered a spot on a college team. It is extremely important for potential recruits to realize their  skill level and to understand where they stand on the playing […]

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