List of NCAA Division 2 Schools

There are 312 Division 2 colleges across 45 different states. Typically, these are smaller public and private universities with under 10,000 students. All scholarships at the NCAA DII level are equivalency scholarships, which mean the majority are partial scholarships. However, you can still get a full-scholarship at the D2 level when you find the right school.

What to Expect From NCAA DII Schools

Don’t think that just because it is a Division 2 School the competition isn’t very good. Most of the athletes at a DII colleges can play DI somewhere, but choose DII for a better scholarship package or because the school is a better fit. Many D1 athletes actually transfer to D2 schools every year, looking for more playing time and a better balance of academics and athletics. The only real difference between the two division levels is how deep the talent pool goes and how coaches are able to offer financial aid.

Creating Your List of Division 2 Colleges

If you were going to try and start your recruiting process by contacting the full list of NCAA DII Schools you wouldn’t get very far. The key is to know what you are looking for in a college and creating a list of schools (10-20 D2 universities) that fit what you are looking for. Our search tool allows you to sort by regions, state, major, cost, campus type, GPA among other things. Using this free too you can come up with a list of D2 Colleges that offer what you are looking for.

Create an Online Profile to Get the Email and Phone Number for Every NCAA D2 College Coach

Searching for DII schools is a great way to get started, but once you have a list of schools your work to find the email and phone number for every coach is just beginning. Our free online recruiting profiles will allow you to search for schools, save schools to your favorites list, and get the email and phone number for every coach.  On top of that, you can create an online profile to share with coaches so all of your critical academic and athletic information is in one place. With our more advanced profiles you can even see what coaches have viewed your profile and get messaged when a coach views your video.

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