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Getting Answers to Your NCAA Questions

As an organization that helps athletes and families with the recruiting process, we get a fair share of questions about dealing with the NCAA. The most important thing to understand about the NCAA is that it is designed to serve the universities and not the general public. This means they are there to answer questions […]

5 Most Common Questions From National Signing Day

Signing Day is one of the busiest days for our websites. We get hundreds of calls, emails, and questions on social media. We do our best to answer everything we can, but we don’t always get to everyone. Because there are many people with the same questions, below are the 5 most popular questions from […]

Avoid Losing Eligibility Due to Delayed Enrollment

Cases where an athlete loses a season of eligibility because he or she delayed enrollment in college are normally pretty shocking. The athlete often has no idea that he or she risked eligibility by not starting college. The athlete might have not had any options at the time to start college when they graduated from […]

Understanding Initial Eligibility Waivers

When Washington State announced that Que Johnson had been ruled a partial qualifier by the NCAA, it lead to a bit of confusion. Partial qualifiers have not existed in Division I since August 2005, when a set of new initial eligibility standards became effective. Partial qualifiers will return as “academic redshirts” in 2016, but for […]

Make Sure You Know The New NCAA Eligibility Standards

In just a few weeks, a brand new group of high school students will start both their athletic and academic careers. Because of the way a bunch of rules in Division I combine together, the start of high school is extremely important. Once a student starts the ninth grade, they have 10 years and must […]

Save Money by Beating the Eligibility Center Fee Increase

Starting on September 1, 2012, the fees for registering with the Eligibility Center will increase. Domestic prospects will pay $70 (up $5) while international prospects will see a bigger increase, from $95 to $120. This has prospects wondering whether they should register right away. The increase is small, especially for domestic prospects, but every little […]

Recovering From a Bad Class

The NCAA’s intitial eligibility requirements are all about making sure high school students make steady progress through a basic education that should prepare them for college. For most prospects, getting eligible is a simple task: take four core courses every year, get good grades, take the SAT and/or ACT a couple of times and graduate […]

The Nuts and Bolts of the NCAA Eligibility Center Process

The NCAA has done a fairly good job of getting the word out about what the requirements are to be an academic qualifier. Less well known is the process prospects must go through to get that designation and their amateur certification from the NCAA Eligibility Center. 1. Register with the Eligibility Center This might seem self-explanatory, […]

Understanding NCAA Eligibility Center Information

College eligibility requirements are one of the most complex areas of the recruiting process, especially for athletes who do not take the traditional route of getting recruited during high school. Making the decision to participate in college sports can be complicated. For athletes who are unsure if they have what it takes to participate at […]

3 Dangerous College Recruiting Traps

Getting recruited to play college sports is easier said than done. Many high school athletes do not realize the amount of work that goes into the recruiting process, until they find themselves somewhere in the middle of it. Because there is so much to learn about getting recruited, it’s easy to be led astray. Most […]

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