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How to get Recruited and Play College Volleyball

The college volleyball recruitment process has become an international search for the best players a coach can find. While volleyball recruiting used to be a constant search for players who were good enough, with the advantage of technology, coaches are now left to sort through hundreds of qualified student athletes who are looking for a volleyball scholarship. If you are looking to be a college volleyball player and possibly earn a volleyball scholarship, you will have to be proactive and get the coach’s attention.

The Basics of College Volleyball Recruiting

College coaches assess potential volleyball players on their skill, potential, academics, and their fit with the program. It is important you address all of these areas throughout the volleyball recruiting process and understand how they can impact the way you are going to be recruited.

Volleyball Scholarships Based on Skill

One of the most can’t-miss ways to get a coach’s attention is by having excellent skills. If you are a player who is highly skilled at a young age, it is critical that you find the right tournaments and club teams to display your talents. The top volleyball programs send scouts to the biggest tournaments every year with a list of players to go and watch. Here, they can compare your skills against other equally skilled players and get a really good idea on how you could perform at the college level.

If you are looking to earn a volleyball scholarship and to play at the top level in college volleyball, you need to be at these tournaments and on the best club teams. If you are a late bloomer and need more time to develop, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get recruited.

College Coaches Recruit Based on Potential

With the ability to bring players in on volleyball scholarships and not have to have them contribute to the starting rotation right away, it is very common for coaches to take a chance on developing a player. If you are someone who didn’t get the chance to play in all of the biggest national tournaments and maybe doesn’t play for a top club team, it is critical that you let coaches evaluate you in other ways. You need to make a highlight video and have some really good references who can attest to the potential you possess. Also, you will want to make sure every coach you are interested in playing for know the few tournaments you will be playing in so you can be sure to get evaluated when you are playing.

Grades Matter for Every Volleyball Recruit

Whether you are a star or a star-in-the-making nothing will end your recruitment process faster than low grades. Don’t assume that just because you meet the minimum requirements set by the NCAA or NAIA that you’re going to get into the schools you want. While coaches can help you in the admissions process and give you a better chance of getting in, they aren’t miracle workers. Be sure to establish very early on with the coaches you are talking to what it will take academically to be part of their program.

Make the Team by Being a Better Person

It is critical that you fit the team dynamics of any program you are considering. This means that volleyball coaches will want to get to know you and ultimately try and bring you in to visit and meet the players on the team. All things being equal between two recruits, they will choose the recruit they think fits the team dynamics better.

Important: NCAA Eligibility Center rule change. What is the IBL? Institutional Request List.

Attending a college volleyball summer camp could be the best recruiting move you ever make.

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