USA Sports Scholarships for International Student Athletes

Opportunities for Overseas Student Athletes at American Universities

From England, Australia, Germany, and everywhere in between, student athletes from across the globe dream of landing an athletic scholarship at an American college. Getting recruited by an American college for a sports scholarship can be an extremely long and confusing process even for American athletes and even more so for international athletes. Several obstacles stand in the way of international athletes and their dream of playing their sport at the college level in the United States. International students need to apply for a student visa, have all of their academic results translated into the American format and sent to selected prospective colleges, and take all of the required tests for entry into the American college system. Without the help of someone who has experience in finding sports scholarships for international students, being recruited can seem an impossible task. This is where an athletic recruiting company such as ours can be an invaluable help in guiding you through the confusion of the college recruiting process.

For nearly ten years now, has been working with international athletes with the sole objective of finding American athletic scholarships for those student athletes and giving them the chance to play college sports in America. Our recruiting service was founded by an international athlete who came to the United States to run track and field. Because of this, we have firsthand insight into the kinds of problems that international athletes face when attempting to earn American sports scholarships. Without the help of a sports marketing company such as ours, you also may be overwhelmed by the obstacles of the college recruiting process.

Once an athlete is enrolled in our program, we will be there every step of the way and handle every aspect of the recruiting process from the initial résumé all the way up to signing day with a college. A personal recruiting coach will  be assigned to you who will guide you through the college recruiting process—from helping you fulfill all of the necessary academic requirements to writing your academic résumé and putting you into personal contact with college coaches. Our recruiting coaches work with over 100 international athletes each year from every corner of the globe. Your college recruiting coach will take the academic and athletic information you provide us and combine it all into a format that we guarantee will be noticed by college coaches. The most important aspect of getting college coaches to take notice of you is the first impression you make with them. If your initial résumé does not stand out enough to catch the eye of college coaches, your chances of receiving a college athletic scholarship become very slim. With our experience working with international athletes, we have the knowledge needed to make sure that your résumé is not passed over by college coaches.

There is a common misconception that only the top-tier athletes with eye-popping talent receive American sports scholarships. But the way in which athletes market themselves to college coaches is often far more important than talent alone. When an athlete attempts the recruiting process without the help of a service like ours, he will inevitably make a minor mistake that will end up costing him a chance at an athletic scholarship. With nearly a decade of experience in finding American scholarship opportunities for international athletes, we have all the necessary knowledge to find you opportunities at multiple programs. In fact, more than 85 percent of our clients receive financial offers to play sports for U.S. colleges.

College sports in the United states are played on a greater scale than any other scholastic competition in the world. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) governs the largest collection of scholastic athletic programs in the world. The association includes more than 1,200 member institutions with 23 sports and over 600 scholarships for each school. International athletes face a variety of obstacles that make their recruiting process far more difficult than the process for American athletes. With the help of our service, we guarantee that college coaches will not only take notice of you but also contact you within two weeks of your résumé being sent.

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