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How is Your Recruiting Going to Change September 1st?

On September 1st the NCAA opens the doors on college recruiting for upper classman. For all Junior’s that is the date D1 and D2 coaches can officially begin to send emails, letters and accept your social media request. For senior football players coaches will be allowed to start calling once per week starting Saturday.

This is a hugely important date for college coaches and recruits. To put it bluntly, if you don’t receive any recruiting emails or letter within a couple of days of September 1st you are not being recruited. The longer you wait to be found the less likely it is going to become you get found. For football players, your phone has to ring. If a couple of days go by and you aren’t hearing from a school and you want to hear from, call them; they can officially call you back.

What Recruiting Have Coaches Been Doing Before September 1st?

The question we get a lot is, “if this is the first time a coach can email or call a recruit, how have athletes been getting recruited by these coaches for years?” It’s like we say, you can call, email or visit a coach anytime you want. In addition, coaches have been watching athlete’s online profiles for months and viewing the their updates. For some recruits, a coach may have already had the chance to watch multiple highlight tapes and games films. This makes the decision for a coach to call a particular recruit very easy. If you care enough about your recruiting to be putting in the hard work as a freshman and sophomore and they like the video they have on you, you are going to be the type of recruit they want to contact September 1st.

What to do to Make Sure You Get Contacted on September 1st

For the NCAA recruiting might start September 1st, but for serious recruits and the coaches looking at them it starts online. Of course, not all recruiting can be done online but for 90% of coaches, they say that is where it starts. Coaches use email, online profiles and online video to begin identifying and communicating with recruits.

Coaches can receive phone calls and emails from a recruit at any time, even before September 1st. Take the time to introduce yourself and provide some basic information so a coach can figure out if they want to pursue recruiting you.

There are several great companies that offer online profiles where athletes can post their stats and videos. When you have an updated profile with a video, coaches can view it at any time and tip you as a recruit to contact September 1st.

If you aren’t getting the response you want or want to make sure you get them when your time comes, contact us. Leave your questions in the comments below or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

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