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What is a Lacrosse Scholarship?

Lacrosse is quickly becoming more popular in high schools throughout the United States. Because of the rise in popularity of the sport, lacrosse scholarships are becoming increasingly harder to come by. It’s important that you take college lacrosse recruiting into your own hands and proactively contact lacrosse coaches.

To gain exposure and get recruited, you will want to play on a good club team that plays in major tournaments. Most colleges offer lacrosse camps for potential recruits as well. However, playing in tournaments and going to camps is not enough by itself to get a lacrosse scholarship. Coaches usually do not discover new athletes at tournaments and camps. They use camps and tournaments to scout athletes that are already on their lacrosse recruiting lists. Make sure you can get on a recruiting list by reaching out to coaches and introducing yourself.

Put your athletic and academic information together and build a lacrosse scholarship resume that you can send to coaches. They will want to know academic information such as GPA, standardized test scores, subjects/majors of interest, honors and AP classes, and other basic information about your school. You will also want to provide athletic information such as your statistics, a schedule for future competitions, coaching references, and a link to your online highlight video. The best way to get coaches to view your video is to upload it to an online video hosting site such as YouTube. You will also want to summarize your academic and athletic achievements in a cover letter. The cover letter is a good opportunity for you to explain to the coaches why you would be both a good academic and athletic fit for that particular program.

Hit the books! You can really increase your odds of finding a lacrosse scholarship by getting good grades. Coaches will almost always give student athletes with better grades a scholarship over those with lower GPAs. Plus, NCAA Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer academic scholarships. By hitting the books and getting the best grades possible, you can put yourself in a great position possible to receive a scholarship.

Lacrosse is a popular club sport at colleges. If you have trouble finding a lacrosse scholarship right out of high school, it is a good idea to go to a school with a good club team. Playing on a club team gives you an opportunity to develop for another year or two and to try and walk on to the varsity team.

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