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Strategies to Help You Get Early Scholarship Offers

In the majority of our blogs we highlight how top recruits go through a slightly different process than the rest of potential college prospects. We want recruits of all abilities to learn the ins and outs of college recruiting, and the best  Strategies to Help Get Early Scholarship Offersway we can show you this is by telling you what you see and hear all the time and help you to apply it to your own recruitment.

Every day there are reports and articles published about top recruits including, where they plan to attend college, how they are staying on track with NCAA eligibility requirements, and which college coaches are expressing interest in them. Depending on how you look at it you may think top recruits have an easier time finding the right college because they are being bombarded with interests from top schools across the nation, but in reality they are going to have to make the same decision as you- which college should I attend?

Want to Know How They Are Making Their Decision?

Most top recruits today want to get signed as soon as possible, they want to have their senior year set aside for all the fun stuff; ending their high school season, senior days, prom and SAT’s. Recruits have started making “unofficial visits” a top priority in their recruitment to help them finish the recruiting process earlier. Recruits, with the help and support from their parents are able to plan and finance trips to colleges with the purpose of finding the right one and committing when they feel their decision is made.

Want to Know Why the Nation’s Top Recruits are Relying So Heavily on Unofficial Visits?

It’s because the NCAA does not need to regulate unofficial visits- they do not need to keep track of the amount of unofficial visits you take and you do not need to have your NCAA eligibility information completed before you are able to take an unofficial visit. Plus there is no time frame- you are allowed to stay as long as you want (official visits are limited to 48 hours each visit) this will allow you and your family to ask the questions and get the answers so you can make the most informed decision when it’s time to choose the right college for you.

Take the Lead From the Top 150

There are many top recruits who are unofficially visiting a school up to five times to make sure  they are making the right decision. You should be doing the exact same thing. Even though you may not be a top recruit, it does not mean you should not work as hard as they do; get your name out there, reach out to college coaches now, make college opportunities happen for you. You are the only link to making sure coaches know who you are and what you are capable of doing on the field.

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