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The Top Recruits Have What Most Recruits Don’t

Student-athletes need to realize when it comes to their recruitment the more they do to get their name out to coaches the better their chances of being offered a spot on a college team. It is extremely important for potential recruits to realize their The Top Recruits Have What Most Recruits Don't skill level and to understand where they stand on the playing field of “top recruits” vs. “most recruits.”

All potential recruits work on being the best at their sport, but it’s hard to get your name out there when coaches don’t know you exist. When recruits are separated out you can see there are clearly differences concerning those who are getting recruited and those who want to get recruited. Notice the list below, if you find yourself more towards the right side than the left, then you need to be prepared to work hard throughout high school to find the best opportunity for you.

Top RecruitsCollege coaches will make the first contact with you.Coaches are messaging you on Facebook and Direct messaging you on Twitter often.

Coaches contact you so they can tell/sell you on their university and sports program.

You have you pick of which college you want to attend.

Coaches offer you a spot on their team even though you are only a freshman.

Coaches tell you they see you as a freshman starter.

Coaches are reaching out to you to learn more about you.


Most RecruitsYou need to find college coaches on your own.You spend time friending and following coaches on social media sites.

You create cover letters, sports resumes and highlight videos in order to get your name out to coaching staffs.

You need to research which colleges you are athletically qualified to compete for.

You work throughout high school to build relationships with college coaches before you learn about their scholarship opportunities.

When coaches do respond to you they tell you they cannot offer you the playing time you are used to if you want to be a part of their team.

You need to work hard to reach out to them.


Recruits need to see the differences in how college coaches do their recruiting so they will be able to make the most of their process. There are remarkable differences in the lists. Top recruits, though they may seem to have it easy, will eventually need to choose one college to attend. And if they have not taken the time like most recruits have to research college programs and talk with coaches than they will find they did not do all they could to make the most of the recruiting process.

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