Increase Your College Scholarships Opportunities

If you think being prepared for your recruitment means picking out 1-5 college teams that you are only familiar with because you watch them on TV, then you have already limited your college bound opportunities. Communicating with recruits is what we do; there are many times when answering recruiting questions that we hear how student […]

The New NCAA Rule Changes May Affect You

Starting on June 15, 2012, the NCAA made significant rule changes for both Men’s Division I Basketball and all Division II sports. Coaches are now allowed to make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages to recruits following June 15th of their sophomore year in high school. Coaches in all Division II sports are also […]

What Coaches Can’t Do In the Admissions Process

Recruiting is most often associated with college athletics, but recruiting is an activity performed all over a college campus. Schools are trying to attract superstar professors. Journals are fighting to grab the best articles. And labs are working to get research projects and grants. The All-around Competition  is More Challenging Economic pressures have made the competition for […]

Factors Coaches Consider When Making Scholarship Decisions

Coaches are the people who determine which athletes get scholarships at the college level, not athletic directors, the admissions offices, or the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Centers. High school athletes who want to continue their careers at the collegiate level already know they want a scholarship, but do they truly know what factors go into […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Teams

As an athlete you get used to training, practicing, school, and homework all jam-packed into your schedule. You understand there is more to sports than showing up for practice, especially since you want to take your competitiveness to the next level. You put everything you have into your team and understand what’s needed to get […]

Recovering From a Bad Class

The NCAA’s intitial eligibility requirements are all about making sure high school students make steady progress through a basic education that should prepare them for college. For most prospects, getting eligible is a simple task: take four core courses every year, get good grades, take the SAT and/or ACT a couple of times and graduate […]

Get a Football Scholarship- Snoop Doggy-Style

Many of you may have heard that the UCLA Bruins signed P. Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, to a football scholarship for the 2012-2013 season. Well, the Bruins have continued down the hip-hop road by offering Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus a full-ride (perhaps trying to spark a friendly inter-squad east coast-west coast rivalry?). There is […]

Using APR as a Prospect, Part 2

Once you have an understanding about how the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR is calculated, you can better understand what an APR score is when you dig into it, and what it tells you about the past and present situation at a school. Figuring out the APR Situation Start by looking up a school’s multi-year […]

Looking for a Scholarship? Start Here!

Before you do anything in recruiting, you will need to evaluate and research the schools that you are interested in attending. This does not just mean put together a quick list of the top ranked schools because you like their mascots- it means truly learn what institutions offer you the best opportunities. First Look at […]

Using APR as a Prospect, Part 1 of 2

One of the major successes of the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR, has been just how much the APR is talked about. Coaches obsess over it, fans follow it, and current student-athletes can be affected by it. Less discussed is how the APR affects recruits. Luckily, prospects are in a great position to do something […]

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