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Get Off to the Right Start

The recruiting process and scholarship opportunities vary widely depending on what sport you play. It is critical you get an early start no matter your sport. Your freshman and sophomore years are the building blocks for the rest of your recruiting process. If you get off to a bad start you will have to pick up the slack later in high school. Getting a sense of what sport you will be playing, what division level is best for you, and what classes you need should all be done during your first few years of high school.

Know the Rules of Recruiting

Part of a successful recruiting process is educating yourself and making sure you are an informed student athlete. It used to be that the NCAA or NAIA would make rule changes every 5–15 years, and those changes wouldn’t affect too many recruits. Now major rule changes are happening almost every summer, and knowing someone who went through the recruit process even last year doesn’t mean they know what the new rules are.

If You’re a Junior or Senior, Stop Waiting

If you are a junior or senior it is critical you get started with being proactive in the recruiting process right away. If you are not in regular contact with coaches, making unofficial visits to schools, and double-checking your academics, you are taking a serious risk; and the recruiting process can pass you by. By checking out your sport above, you will get all of the steps you need to take to get back on track.

This is Your Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is ultimately up to you. The responsibility of getting a scholarship is not your parents, your coaches or the schools themselves. By getting educated on the recruiting process for your sport, setting up a school list and actively contacting coaches you can begin to get the odds in your favor for scholarships.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about athletic scholarships and the college recruiting process.

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