Football Recruiting

It Isn’t Easy to Get Recruited on Your Own

If you contact almost any company that helps athletes in the recruiting process you will hear a similar story about why they started. Usually the founder got themselves or their child recruited on their own and after realizing how difficult of a process was, decided to start a service that makes the process easier. How […]

How to Graduate Early from High School

For a long time, the NCAA was mostly concerned with athletes graduating late from high school. Athletes who were short on their core courses or just wanted another year to develop physically would be held back or attend a year or two of prep school. And during those extra years, athletes might load up on […]

Set Your Expectations Early: Not All Recruits Get to Play

Lane Kiffen said something that we wish all recruits (football players especially) could hear: “If you really study the country, you’re probably going to find maybe 5 impact true freshman around the country that truly impact their team. Your Marquis Lee’s, DeAnthony Thomas’, your Sammy Watkins’, those types of guys, yet there are 35 five-star […]

Georgia Coach Mark Richt Shows Junior College Can Get You Recruited

Junior college can help athletes in all sports get a little more experience prior to attending a four-year school. For some athletes in certain sports, like football and to some extent basketball, junior college can be a necessary stepping stone to playing in the NCAA. Some Coaches Really Like Junior College Athletes Georgia football coach […]

Lacrosse Proves to Help One Football Recruit Get Better

Serious athletes take all aspects of their training into consideration; they are always looking for ways to improve and be the best. You may think that because you are a two-sport athlete that you are doing all the work you need because you are always working out, getting stronger and training. No doubt, being a […]

What an Early Scholarship Offer Really Means

Getting offered a scholarship is one of the most exciting moments for a high school athlete. It means the validation of years of effort, it can be the start of an exciting, if confusing, journey through the recruiting process, and a relief for many athletes and families. When that offer comes as an eighth grader […]

NCAA Rules Limit Scholarship Package Deals

The story of Robert Nkemdiche’s recruitment began with his commitment to Clemson and has now centered around the number of friends and teammates Clemson has offered scholarships to in order to secure and keep Nkemdiche’s commitment. It has lead to broader questions about whether package deals should be allowed by the NCAA and whether coaches […]

Get a Football Scholarship- Snoop Doggy-Style

Many of you may have heard that the UCLA Bruins signed P. Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, to a football scholarship for the 2012-2013 season. Well, the Bruins have continued down the hip-hop road by offering Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus a full-ride (perhaps trying to spark a friendly inter-squad east coast-west coast rivalry?). There is […]

4 Tips to Becoming a College Tight End Recruit

The tight end position can be of extreme value or limited importance, depending on the type of offense your coach has implemented. Professional teams such as the New England Patriots and the Peyton Manning- era Indianapolis colts made the tight end position vital to their success as Super Bowl champions. Following in the NFL’s footsteps, […]

5 Steps to Becoming a Recruitable Defensive Lineman

Dominant defenses are usually led by dominant defensive lines. Let’s reflect on this year’s Super Bowl-winning New York Giants and their tenacious pass rush led by Justin Tuck. It was Tuck and his team of “Giants” that struck fear into the normally ice-cold Tom Brady, causing a safety on the first play of the Patriots’ […]

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