How to Understand NCAA Basketball Recruiting and Maximize Your Scholarship Opportunities

The NCAA recruiting process for basketball is different than any other sport, so basketball players that want to find a scholarship opportunity must learn when coaches can scout and evaluate them. Men’s Basketball Recruiting: the Recruiting Period and the Evaluation Period A recruiting period is a time during the school year defined by the NCAA […]

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Lacrosse Contact Period: How Prospects can Become College Lacrosse Recruits

What is a Contact Period? First, let’s start by defining a contact period: A contact period is a set time determined by the NCAA when coaches can contact athletes. It isn’t the only time an athlete and a coach can speak with each other, but there are less restrictions on communication. Coaches are allowed face-to-face contact […]

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Are You Ready to Learn About Recruiting Profiles?

Understanding Recruiting Profiles A recruiting profile can be your link to communicating with college coaches. This is where you can tell college coaches all about yourself both academically and athletically. As a potential recruit, it’s your job to make your recruitment happen. Below you will learn how recruiting profiles are used and how they benefit […]

Winter Break Recruiting Checklist:Improve Your College Recruiting with this Helpful Guide

For student-athletes, winter vacation brings a much-needed break in school and gives athletes time to evaluate where they stand in regard to finding an athletic scholarship, and what they can do to correct their course, or to increase their chances. Things You Can Do During Winter Break to Get Recruited: Freshman Research Schools: You are […]

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College Soccer Showcases: Where to Find Them and Why They Are Beneficial to Your Recruitment

Soccer Showcases are intended to help boost a player’s recruitment. Showcases give recruits time to play and be evaluated by college coaches. Keep in mind that earning a spot on a college team takes a lot of work; attending one showcase will not be your golden ticket to landing on a college team, but it […]

Most Top Football Recruits are Already Verbally Committed

Last week we discussed the CIF football playoffs and the recruiting mistakes athletes commit when waiting until late in their career to start thinking about recruiting. Now we shift the focus to several athletes on the teams playing for state championships to learn where they are in the recruiting process, and what that means for […]

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How to Get a Cross Country Scholarship

The quiet period for NCAA cross country begins Monday, December 10, and with the exception of a brief dead period from December 16-21, runs until January 2, 2013. Athletes must know what the NCAA recruiting calendar looks like for their sport so they can plan out different phases of their personal recruiting process, and cross […]

Swimming in College: The Fastest Way to Contact College Coaches

College Swimming Up and coming swimmers and divers might be under the impression that if you post good times and scores, then you will have no problems getting college swimming and diving coaches attention.  This will always be true for top recruits, but if you aren’t, then you need to go about your recruitment a little […]

CIF Football Playoffs: How to Steer Clear of These Big Recruiting Mistakes

It’s the time of year when high school football championships, like our local CIF football playoffs, take place. So many potential recruits across the country have worked so hard for this- the opportunity to play on a big stage where college coaches are going to discover them. That’s no different here in California, where the […]

Why You Need Good Questions to Ask a College Coach on Recruiting

Too often we see athletes take the wrong approach to contacting a college coach. If you plan on becoming a serious candidate for an athletic scholarship, then when you contact a college coach you must have good questions to ask them on recruiting. Picking The Right Questions to Ask a College Coach Will Help Show […]

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