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What the New NCAA Rules Mean For You

The NCAA passed proposed rule changes on January 19th. The new rules will take effect starting August 1st of this year. I am not going to cover all 26 proposed rules but instead focus on the rules that are going to impact your recruiting the most. Welcome to the Wild West of Recruiting The goal […]

University of Oregon Raises the Bar With its New ‘Quack Cave’

Most college sports fans are familiar with the University of Oregon’s close relationship with Nike and the benefits that come with their relationship. The Ducks typically bring out trendy new jerseys each season, and the Casanova Center is a state of the art training facility funded by Nike co-founder Phil Knight. Well, Oregon recently unveiled […]

College Coaches Use Social Media for Recruiting

Social media, and mostly Twitter, has entrenched itself in the college recruiting world, and it’s only going to continue to dig in deeper. Social media allows information to travel at basically instantaneous speed, which makes it the perfect vehicle for coaches to learn more about recruits, and vice-versa. We love to talk about social media at Athnet. […]

#21 Recruiting Corner: Starbucks Giftcards, Creating an Account on the Coaches’ Contact Database, & an Interview with Social Media Guru Kevin DeShazo

Do you have questions about the recruiting process you would like us to answer on the recruiting corner? You can contact us on Twitter, Facebook or leave your questions in the comments at the bottom of the page! Joshua: Hey, guys. Back for another week, it’s the Recruiting Corner. Joshua Zimmerman here. As I introduced […]

The Secret To Getting Scouts and Coaches to Watch You

Athletes ask us all the time, “How can I get college scouts to come my games.” Our response to this usually goes something like this: “Have you asked any scouts or college coaches to attend your games?” Most athletes were not even aware or even considered picking up the phone or sending over a quick […]

#19 Recruiting Corner: We’re Back! Why Don’t You Like Us?!!? Facebook, Twitter, & Starbucks?

Joshua: Hey guys. Welcome back. The Recruiting Corner is here. I know you’ve missed us. We’ve missed you. I want to introduce somebody new. This is Judy. Judy works here in the office, and she does a lot for us. So she’s going to start joining us on The Recruiting Corner, as are a lot […]

Get Inside Info From Potential Teammates by Using Social Media

You will never get a full appreciation for a program just by talking to a coach, but you can learn how to use social media outlets to connect with athletes at the programs you will potentially play for. Athletes can give you a candid evaluation of a college and the athletic team because they have […]

ESPN Shows College Basketball Players Twitter Names During TV Coverage

Twitter and other social media sites are becoming ingrained in the media and advertising associated with college sports. In a giant leap forward with this integration, ESPN has recently posted the Twitter account names of the basketball players of the game they were covering. I first read the story over on Fieldhouse Media, a company […]

#8 Recruiting Corner: Do High School Sports Matter Anymore?

Do you have questions you want answered on the Recruiting Corner? Ask them in the comments below. Joshua: Hey guys, welcome back to another round of The Recruiting Corner. Joshua Zimmerman, David Frank, as always. How are things going? David: Going well, loving it. Obviously, if you don’t know, signing day was this week, this […]

University of Washington Blogging to an NCAA Championship

I spend a lot of time discussing social media and its impacts on college recruiting. Social media is redefining the way colleges recruit. Unfortunately, it seems like 99 percent of social media and recruiting stories focus on the negative effects. I wanted to change things up and highlight a coach and a program that I […]

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