List of NCAA Division 3 Schools

There are 442 DIII Schools across 34 different states. D3 colleges are typically smaller universities and many of them are private schools, which means the admissions and academic requirements are different then DI or DII schools. When looking for DIII schools, you will want to focus your search on states in the Northeastern, Southern and Midwestern parts of the US where they are most popular.

What Is the Competition Like at DIII Colleges

Many people consider the competition at DIII universities to be the purest at the college level. DIII colleges are not allowed to offer athletic scholarships and the amount of practice time a coach can have is reduced; athletes here are competing for the love of competition. Schools can and do give financial aid through leadership grants and needs based financial aid but they are not the full rides. D3 is thought of as the lowest level of competition in college. For some schools this is true, but there are many DII and even some DI level athletes at DIII schools. They chose a DIII school because the school had their major or the overall financial aid package was the better then higher division levels.

Creating Your List of D3 Schools

With so many D3 colleges as private schools, it is easy to cross a school off of your list because of the cost. Don’t assume that just because it is a DIII University you can’t afford to attend the school. If you really like the school contact the coach and see what types of opportunities exists. Because each school has different forms of financial aid and are different in how they provide it to athletes, you might be the right fit for large amounts of financial aid that can be more then the athletic scholarship amounts from other schools.

The great thing is that it is pretty easy to find 10-15 schools within a couple hundred miles of one another and you can quickly build a list of 20-30 schools to contact. Start out with what you are looking for in a school like major, location and size and you will quickly find more schools to add to your list.

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How an Online Profile Can Help You Find a D3 Opportunity

Getting a list of D3 schools that you are interested in is a great first start, but you will still need to track down the email and phone number for the coaches to let them know you are interested. You can do this by going to the school website or with our free online profiles you get 3 tools to make the process easier. When you search for schools after creating a profile, you get the email and phone number for every college coach, the full information about each school including costs and estimates on academic requirements and finally many D3 coaches use our database to post open roster positions so you know exactly what schools are looking for in a recruit. With our more advanced profiles you can see what coaches have viewed your profile and get alerts when a coach has viewed your video so you can contact them right away.

Sports Schools
Baseball 365
Basketball (M) 403
Basketball (W) 426
Bowling (W) 7
Cross Country (M) 369
Cross Country (W) 394
Field Hockey (W) 158
Football 237
Golf (M) 277
Golf (W) 166
Ice Hockey (M) 70
Ice Hockey (W) 48
Lacrosse (M) 156
Lacrosse (W) 177
Rowing (W) 42
Soccer (M) 394
Soccer (W) 409
Softball 392
Swimming (M) 198
Swimming (W) 233
Tennis (M) 314
Tennis (W) 361
Track and Field (M) 271
Track and Field (W) 279
Volleyball (M) 46
Volleyball (W) 414
Water Polo (M) 16
Water Polo (W) 20
Wrestling 87

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