Academic Eligibility

How to Graduate Early from High School

For a long time, the NCAA was mostly concerned with athletes graduating late from high school. Athletes who were short on their core courses or just wanted another year to develop physically would be held back or attend a year or two of prep school. And during those extra years, athletes might load up on […]

Don’t Miss College Application Deadlines

High School Senior Student-athletes Have a Busy Year Ahead We know senioritis is quite contagious. It makes you want to kick-back and relax during your last year of high school, but if you are a student-athlete there really is no time to waste until a college acceptance letter is in your hands with the words: “YOU HAVE […]

Academic Eligibility: Athletes Need to Counsel Themselves

The story of Corynne Notz and Calhan High school is a cautionary tale for every prospective student-athlete. Corynne was all set to play her freshman year at Colorado Christian University when the university discovered that two of her courses were not approved by the NCAA. That resulted in Corynne not being certified as a qualifier, […]

Understanding the NCAA’s Changes to Academic Standards for International Students

The Bible for international prospects who want to play college athletics in Division I or Division II is the NCAA Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility. In the guide are the rules the NCAA uses to translate international academic systems to the NCAA initial eligibility guidelines that are based on the American school […]

Conferences, Not NCAA, Keep Nonqualifiers Out of School

One of the most stressful times for a college athlete is waiting for their initial eligibility status to clear. The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies athletes as qualifiers or non-qualifiers, and so they hold many of the cards for athletes waiting to be cleared. Delays; going back and forth between the Eligibility Center, high school, prospect […]

Make Sure You Know The New NCAA Eligibility Standards

In just a few weeks, a brand new group of high school students will start both their athletic and academic careers. Because of the way a bunch of rules in Division I combine together, the start of high school is extremely important. Once a student starts the ninth grade, they have 10 years and must […]

Reclassifying 101: Important Info to Consider Before Reclassifying

A lot of things can change during a prospect’s recruitment, but for a long time one of the givens was the year an athlete would finish high school and start college. The occasional recruit would have academic issues and need to go to prep school. A few football players every year would graduate and enroll […]

What Coaches Can’t Do In the Admissions Process

Recruiting is most often associated with college athletics, but recruiting is an activity performed all over a college campus. Schools are trying to attract superstar professors. Journals are fighting to grab the best articles. And labs are working to get research projects and grants. The All-around Competition  is More Challenging Economic pressures have made the competition for […]

Using APR as a Prospect, Part 2

Once you have an understanding about how the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR is calculated, you can better understand what an APR score is when you dig into it, and what it tells you about the past and present situation at a school. Figuring out the APR Situation Start by looking up a school’s multi-year […]

Using APR as a Prospect, Part 1 of 2

One of the major successes of the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR, has been just how much the APR is talked about. Coaches obsess over it, fans follow it, and current student-athletes can be affected by it. Less discussed is how the APR affects recruits. Luckily, prospects are in a great position to do something […]

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