A Look at Today’s College Recruiting Landscape

An article written by Charlie Adams for the NCSA Blog describes the changes in college athletic recruiting he has seen in the last 30 years. 30 years ago, recruiting wasn’t quite the fast-paced environment like it does today. You didn’t see 8th graders being offered verbal commitments, and there wasn’t nearly as much media coverage […]

Avoid Losing Eligibility Due to Delayed Enrollment

Cases where an athlete loses a season of eligibility because he or she delayed enrollment in college are normally pretty shocking. The athlete often has no idea that he or she risked eligibility by not starting college. The athlete might have not had any options at the time to start college when they graduated from […]

The Ultimate Goal: Going Pro

Turning pro is a dream for athletes who have worked their butt off their entire life and sacrificed so much for their sport. It’s an honor to be considered one of the elite considering the amount of high school athletes who actually become professional athletes is somewhere in the .11% range. Here is what NCAA […]

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Four Things You Must Know Before You Transfer

High school athletes who want to get recruited sometimes jump on the first offer or opportunity they come across, but hidden complexities in the NCAA transfer process make it more difficult to transfer than most athletes expect. Nerman Delic, a defensive tackle at Kentucky, illustrates why the transfer process requires thought before action. Delic recently […]

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The Recruiting Advantage Every Athlete Should Use

Potential college recruits are constantly looking for an advantage over other athletes. Well, exploring local colleges and universities is an obvious advantage that athletes often overlook. Coaches’ recruiting budgets don’t allow them to get out on the road as much as most people expect, leading them to recruit local athletes quite often. Learn how to […]

Understanding the NCAA’s Changes to Academic Standards for International Students

The Bible for international prospects who want to play college athletics in Division I or Division II is the NCAA Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility. In the guide are the rules the NCAA uses to translate international academic systems to the NCAA initial eligibility guidelines that are based on the American school […]

Don’t Underestimate the Pressure of College Sports

Did you know there are over 3 million athletes competing in high school sports? When you compare that to the nearly 200,000 NCAA athletes competing, you may think your chances of playing at the college level are slim. If you are looking only at the numbers, then yes, your chances are slim. But if you […]

Set Your Expectations Early: Not All Recruits Get to Play

Lane Kiffen said something that we wish all recruits (football players especially) could hear: “If you really study the country, you’re probably going to find maybe 5 impact true freshman around the country that truly impact their team. Your Marquis Lee’s, DeAnthony Thomas’, your Sammy Watkins’, those types of guys, yet there are 35 five-star […]

When It Comes to Recruiting, Think Outside the Box

If you are a serious recruit, then you need to read this and learn why in today’s highly competitive world of college sports you need to stand out if you want a scholarship. Potential recruits need to quickly learn all they can about the recruitment process so they can devise a strategic recruitment plan. If […]

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University of Oregon Raises the Bar With its New ‘Quack Cave’

Most college sports fans are familiar with the University of Oregon’s close relationship with Nike and the benefits that come with their relationship. The Ducks typically bring out trendy new jerseys each season, and the Casanova Center is a state of the art training facility funded by Nike co-founder Phil Knight. Well, Oregon recently unveiled […]

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