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Seven Strategies College Coaches Use to Find Players

One of the most common questions we answer for potential student-athletes is “How will coaches find me?” This sounds like it should be a straight forward answer, but unfortunately it is not. It is our job to explain to recruits that there Seven Strategies College Coaches Use to Find Playersis no set formula college coaches use to find you.

College recruits and parents beginning the process are sometime stunned when we are unable to give them a straightforward answer as to how coaches will find them; especially if they are good and have excellent grades. It is not until recruits and their families see how much time and dedication goes into recruitment that they begin to realize there is more to the process- WAY MORE.

Breaking it Down

All colleges are different, all coaches are different, and more importantly all recruits are different. This is why there are different ways to get recruited. We want all athletes to understand all the ways and to be able to market themselves the best they can so they will have greater chances of getting recruited.

To help you better understand, I have compiled a list of strategies used by different college coaches from different universities about how they find players. If you are just learning about recruiting, you may be surprised at how different the approaches are. My hope is that you take these strategies to get a better understanding of what you need to do to get ahead in your own recruitment.

What College Coaches Are Doing to Find Recruits?

  • “I become aware about prospects from emails that they send me and my staff… If I know prospects are interested in Green Bay I will try to have either myself of my assistants watch them play.” – Daniel Popik, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Men’s head Soccer Coach
  • “We received information on players from several sources…Coaches’ recommendations, camps, showcases, letters from players and professional scouts.” – Edward Mathey, Northern Illinois University, Baseball coach
  • “I look for kids who are motivated to go forward and have ability to come to terms and understand what that is going to entail.” – DI track coach
  • “I email every junior college coach asking for a position player and in return I am flooded with over 100 replies. “ DI Baseball coach
  • “We receive hundreds of video footage each year. In the highly competitive world of Division I football, to not even look at what could be a potential sleeper would be foolish.”- DI football on reviewing recruits’ videos
  • Most DI college football programs start with a database full of athletes which could reach over 5,000 athletes.
  • USC Coach Lane Kiffen gave a  verbal offer to a twelve year old after seeing his YouTube video.

As you can see the range of how college coaches recruit, you will be able to better understand what you need to do to get recruited.

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