Are You Ready to Play Basketball in College?

Balancing the Basketball Season and Your Basketball Recruitment Just because it’s time to get serious on the court you don’t have to halt all your recruitment progress during the season. Basketball recruitment is fierce and you are going to be up against major competition, which is why you need to have a solid game plan. […]

How to Get Noticed by College Coaches and Scouts

So you’ve read some of our previous articles about the importance of researching colleges and contacting coaches at those schools, and now you are ready to get your name out there to coaches. But, simply sending a plain, generic email out to coaches won’t get you recruited. You want to know how to get college coaches and scouts […]

3 Expert Tips to Help You Find the Best Wrestling College

High school wrestlers dream of one day competing at the college level, but just like anything else it takes hard work and dedication to find a college to wrestle for. Wrestlers are among the hardest training athletes, so don’t let all that time spent sweating through grueling practices to make weight go to waste by […]

How to Get Better at Basketball and Improve Your Recruiting With iHoops is a website that every basketball player, parent of a player, or coach should visit if they want to improve their skills and knowledge of the game of basketball. iHoops is a joint venture between the NCAA and the NBA created to increase the quality of youth basketball. They aim to improve the education […]

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How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes as AJ Barker

Junior walk-on AJ Barker, the Minnesota Gophers’ leading receiver, abruptly quit the team this past Sunday, November 18th. His reason for leaving stemmed from a dispute between Barker, head coach Jerry Kill, and the athletic training staff. Barker injured his ankle October 27th while scoring a touchdown vs. Purdue. The trainers and coaches felt that […]


Recent News about the Gymnastics Recruiting Period

Paving the way to be a successful gymnastic recruit is going to take plenty of skill and a lot of motivation. There are many avenues you can take in your recruitment, but ultimately, if you plan on earning a gymnastics scholarship then you need to know and understand the requirements surrounding college gymnastics recruiting. College Gymnastics […]

The Dead Period and What It Means for Your Recruiting

The NCAA Dead Period The dead period may sound like a time when an athlete can’t do anything to help their recruiting, but really the NCAA dead period rules just prohibits face-to-face contact between coaches and athletes. During the dead period, athletes cannot meet with a coach anywhere, including on campus or at their high […]

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Stay Ahead of the Trend in Soccer Recruiting

On Thursday November 15, 2012, the NCAA tournament to crown the division I men’s soccer champion gets underway. Many familiar teams will enter the tournament with aspirations of taking the crown, but a new trend in recruiting has altered the landscape of the top NCAA contenders: international student athletes are getting recruited more, and they […]

Don’t Miss College Application Deadlines

High School Senior Student-athletes Have a Busy Year Ahead We know senioritis is quite contagious. It makes you want to kick-back and relax during your last year of high school, but if you are a student-athlete there really is no time to waste until a college acceptance letter is in your hands with the words: “YOU HAVE […]

How Junior College Can Improve Your Chances of Getting a Scholarship

In the 11th week of the college football season, Kansas State sits at number two in the BCS standings. No one predicted that in the fourth week of BCS polling that Kansas State, who began the season ranked number 22 in the AP Poll, would play defending-champs Alabama for a national title if the season […]


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