Official & Unofficial Visits

Preparing for Official Visits

Now that most senior prospects have started their final year of high school, official visits to college campuses are in full swing. Official visits are often the final piece of the puzzle in the recruiting process for prospects. When a coach brings an athlete in on an official visit, they are often beginning to invest […]

Strategies to Help You Get Early Scholarship Offers

In the majority of our blogs we highlight how top recruits go through a slightly different process than the rest of potential college prospects. We want recruits of all abilities to learn the ins and outs of college recruiting, and the best  way we can show you this is by telling you what you see […]

Learn How to Choose the Right College for You

Knowing which college campus is a good fit for you is a major part of the recruiting process. You never know how much you will like a college until you have seen it first.  We often hear from recruits who have changed their mind about a college they had no plans of attending just because […]

Official Visit: Make Sure it’s Your Athlete’s, Not Yours

As a parent, it is easy to get caught up in the recruiting process with your athlete. Choosing the right college is a huge decision for your athlete and your family, and visiting schools is an important part of that process. When your athlete is invited to make an official visit to a school, you want to make […]

Parents’ Role on an Unofficial Visit

Researching a university is difficult; researching colleges for your child may prove to be even more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to make sure you are guiding your child and being a supportive parent during this crucial step in your child’s life. As a parent, you should be encouraging yet unbiased […]

10 Things to do on Your Official Visit

Going on an official visit is a great opportunity to see a school, meet the team, and get a sense of what going to that school might be like. It’s important you get to see not only the athletic facilities but also what life is like for a student. Here are some tips for making […]

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