How to Get Recruited to Play College Sports

College coaches simply do not have the resources they need to evaluate and recruit the over seven million high school athletes across the country. Qualified athletes miss out on scholarships dollars every year because they did not do enough to get recruited. Learning how to get recruited to play college sports requires more than just being an outstanding athlete. With our college recruiting website, we give you all of the resources you need to contact coaches, write professional e-mails, and stay on top of NCAA and NAIA recruiting rules.

The College Recruiting Process Starts Early

Too many recruits are waiting for college recruiting letters to just show up in their mailbox. They think, “Once my senior year comes around, coaches will begin recruiting me.” For 95 percent of college athletes, recruiting is not what you see on the major college recruiting websites. Coaches count on interested athletes contacting them as early as eighth grade or freshman year of high school.

Make Yourself Into a College Recruit

College coaches will always want to hear from qualified student athletes who want to play for their team. However, unless they have all of the information they need to quickly evaluate you, your e-mail and phone calls might never get answered. College recruiting can be done by you for free, but the recruiting process is not free. You should be spending time each week actively communicating with coaches to ensure you are remaining high on their recruiting boards.

Get Our Free Recruiting Tools and Tips NOW

We are committed to providing the best recruiting tools and advice we can for recruits and families looking for help in recruiting. Between our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blog pages, we are covering any and all recruiting news and explain how it affects you. Our free e-books (Preparing for the Recruiting Process, Contacting College Coaches, and Writing a Recruiting Resume) detail what it takes to get recruited on your own.

What about College Recruiting Services?

We are not a college recruiting service, but we think for the right recruit and family, they can be an enormous benefit. Sports recruiting services can save you time and money by ensuring coaches get the information they need about you in an easy-to-read format. Some services might also match you up with colleges based on their relationships with coaches and based on what level of college is right for you. It is our goal to help every college recruit get themselves recruited; however, not every athlete will have the time needed to do all of the work. If you are thinking about joining a recruiting service, we are happy to help you find out what type of service might be right for you.

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions about athletic scholarships and the college recruiting process.

Author: David Fank

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