NCAA Divison I Manageament Council Endorses New Rules for Recruiting Student-Athletes

A series of rule revisions and changes designed to eliminate and stamp out excesses and a “sense of entitlement” in the recruiting of student-athletes has been endorsed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Management Council.

The Management Council met in Baltimore, Maryland July 19-20, it endorsed a series of recommendations adopted earlier in the month by the National Collegiate Athletic Association Task Force on Recruiting, said Chris Monasch, present chairperson of the NCAA Division I Management Council and commissioner of the America East Conference.

National Collegiate Athletic Association President Myles Brand formed the task force last February after national attention became focused on the alleged use of sex and alcohol in the recruiting of prospective athletes at some major universities.

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors will consider 6 of the task force’s recommendations as emergency legislation at its Aug. 5, meeting for immediate adoption and implementation. The Management Council also introduced 2 measures that will be introduced in the 2004-05 NCAA legislative cycle.

“The recommendations of the NCAA task force are intended to provide a meaningful and workable framework for a athletic prospect and a school to make an informed decision about attendance at the school and participation in the college’s athletics program, while at the same time the recommendations are intended to minimize or reduce the focus on competition among institutions.

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