If you are trying to get recruited to play college sports and receive an athletic scholarship click on the Parent or Athlete button to the left. By filling out these forms, you are not completing your registration for the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Instructions to Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse. Now Called the NCAA Eligibility Center

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?

The NCAA Clearinghouse is an essential step in becoming eligible to play college sports. Over 180,000 potential college athletes register with the NCAA every year.

If you want to play NCAA college sports and receive a scholarship at the DI or DII level, you will need to register and be cleared by the NCAA. The Eligibility Center is the organization within the NCAA that determines the academic eligibility and amateur status for all NCAA DI and DII athletes.

The First Step in Registering for the NCAA Eligibility Center is to Create Your Account

How do I register with the NCAA Clearinghouse?

All athletes will eventually create an account. It is best to create your account by the start of your junior year in high school to avoid getting caught it the backlog of athletes trying to get cleared at the end of the year. Once you account is created you will have several more steps to submit your transcripts, test scores and answer you amateur status questionnaire before you are finished.

Once You Have Created Your Account Check Your Email and Log in to Finish the Registration Process

NCAA Eligibility Center Mailing Address

NCAA Eligibility Center

P.O. Box 7136

Indianapolis, IN 46207

*please note, you cannot send transcripts or test scores on your own. They need to be sent by your high school and testing center.

Once the NCAA has your complete academic records and test scores, they will not review your information unless it has been requested by an NCAA University. If you have registered with the NCAA and have not had your eligibility status completed, chances are it has not been requested by a coach.

Over 60% of athletes who are registered with the NCAA are never recruited by a college coach.

Go here to get in contact with a college coach.

The following describes all of the sections within your NCAA Eligibility Center account.

About You: This section contains three subsections that ask for students’ basic information (Student Name, gender, date of birth, race/ethnicity).

Contact information: Address, Country, City, zip code, email, and phone number

Residency: Verification of countries in which you have lived, including dates that you resided there.

Your School Coursework: Here you will be asked question of schools that you have attended. In the general coursework section, you will be asked these “yes” or “no” questions about the athlete:

  • Have you attended any school OUTSIDE of the United States and U.S. Territories after age 11?
  • Have you attended a U.S. Department of Defense school after age 11?
  • Have you been home schooled after age 11?
List of Schools Attended: You will need to list each school the student has attended along with date began and grade completed.

Where did the you attend ninth grade? (State/ Province, City, School, Date that you began school and grades attended at this school.)

Additional Coursework: Students will be required to answer more “yes or “no” questions, if athletes answer “Yes” to any of 5 questions they will need to provide specific examples for each including; Course name, School, Date Range and Actions.

  • Did you ever fail and retake a class?
  • Did you ever retake a class to improve a grade?
  • Have you ever taken a college course at a junior college, community college, two-year college, or 4-year college?
  • Did you ever take summer school at a different location than your U.S. high school? Or Have you ever take any of the following:
  • Correspondence course- a course completed at your own pace that does not require a teacher’s supervision or assistance. Online or internet class.
  • Course where the lesson, assignments and tests were on the computer

*An additional set of questions will be asked if there needs to be more clarification from your previous answered questions. Questions may include: Have you ever repeated a year of high school or secondary school?

Here is more information on the NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements.

Your Sport: This is the most time consuming section in terms of detailed questioning and information that the student-athlete needs to provide to the eligibility center. The questions will cover information about teams and clubs that you have been a part of; including the events you have participated in. This section consists of 5-8 sections depending on the sport you play, including Introduction, Expenses, Training Expenses, Athletics Contacts and Teams, Awards, Additional Questions, and Event Registrations.

Select the sport that you want to participate in college. If you wish to be registered for 2 sports, you will first complete one sport and then enter in information on other sports you plan to participate in at the DI or DII level.

Expenses: Have you ever competed in a sports event where any part of your expenses was paid for by someone other than your family, your team/club or the sponsor of the event? If your answer is Yes you will need to provide: Event Date, Event Name, expenses that were paid The person/ organization who paid expenses, amount paid, country the event took place, state, city. If you answer No, you will have to electronically confirm your response with your initials.

Training Expenses: Have you ever received funding to cover your training expenses from someone other than your family or the team/sports club with which you were training? If you respond with YES, you will need to add a new entry that will include: Who paid for your training expense(s), Who / what was the source and the amount of money that was supplied. If you respond with NO, you will be asked to verify your response by initialing response.

Athletics Contacts: Have you ever given permission to anyone other than a parent, legal guardian or coach to market (advertise or promote athletic skills) your skills in your sport? If you respond with YES, you will need to add a new entry including this information: Name of the individual you gave permission, Individuals relationships to you, Individual’s phone number, individual’s email address, types of service you received and additional questions.

  • Did you enter into a written or verbal agreement with this individual?
  • Did you enter into an agreement for future representation?
  • Did you pay for these services?

If you respond with No to all questions, you will have to verify response by initialing.

Teams/ Clubs: Listing of all teams/clubs you have practiced or played with since turning 14 years old (other than a U.S. high school team) also you will be asked to answer specific questions related to playing for the team. Basic team information: Name of team/ club, Country, City, League, Division/Level, Team/Club contact name, Team/Club contact phone number and/or email address, start date and end date of team.

Additional Questions:

  • Which of these items did the team/club provide to you to participate? (Entry fees, Equipment, facility usage, Health / Medical Insurance, Lodging, Meals, Physical Therapy, Stipends and Transportation.)
  • Which of these items did the team/club provide to any of your teammates for them to participate? (Entry fees, Equipment, facility usage, Health / Medical Insurance, Lodging, Meals, Physical Therapy, Stipends and Transportation.)
  • How many events or games did you participate in as part of this team/club, per season?

Awards: Have you ever competed in an event as an individual (not as part of a team/ club) where you received any type of award for your participation? If Yes, you will have to enter in an entry for each award that will include these additional questions:

  • Did the event span multiple days, date which the event took place, Name of the event and of the award that was accepted, type of award received ( Money, gift certificate, merchandise, prize money, voucher) Amount received for this specific event;
  • Who paid for this award;
  • Did you have any expenses related to this event;
  • Was participation in this event by invitation only and location of event.

Event Registrations: Have you ever indicated on any type of registration form that you are competing in an event as a professional player? If Yes, you will need to mark when the event took place, the name of event, country the event took place, state, city, event representative name- phone and email If No, you will be asked to initial verification.


The NCAA eligibility center clearly states that eligibility registration cannot be complete unless payment has been received. The cost is $70.00 for U.S. citizens and $120.00 for international students.

Once you have created your account, need to have every high school you have attended submit your complete official transcripts. This includes submitting your information at the end of your senior year. Second, you need to have the SAT or ACT testing center send your official test results directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Each time you take the SAT or ACT, you will want to have the test scores submitted to the NCAA.

Here is more information on determining your NCAA Eligibility.

Read over the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements here.

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