Communicating with College Coaches

5-Point College Recruiting Checklist for High School Seniors

As a high school senior, you should be in your final steps of the recruiting process. If you aren’t actively talking with coaches, it is critical you get started contacting coaches right away. For recruits who have been talking with coaches, it can be a very nerve wracking time. By double-checking the five points below […]

4 Must-Have’s in a Cover Letter to a College Coach

Every College Coach is Now Recruiting Online in One Form or Another One of the best ways to introduce yourself to coaches and initiate the recruiting process is with a well-written email containing your cover letter and athletic and academic resume. Here are some tips for writing a quality cover letter for coaches. Be Concise […]

8 Most Important NCAA College Recruiting Rules

There are rules covering just about every action that happens in the recruiting process and it can be over whelming trying to know what applies to you. One area that has many athletes and families confused is regarding the rules around communicating with college coaches. The information below is designed to help you understand the […]

Get Prepared for College Recruiting Phone Calls

To get prepared for recruiting calls several steps can be taken to ensure a positive, productive, and perhaps, most importantly, legal experience. Coaches won’t be able to start calling until late in your Junior year or summer before your Senior year. If you haven’t been already calling them, then you need to get ready to make […]

8 Ways to Use Email in the College Recruiting Process

You reach out to coaches before they can contact you. Recruiting starts in the eighth and ninth grades, but coaches can’t actively send you recruiting material before your junior year. That means ambitious recruits are getting a head start by actively emailing coaches to get  a jump on the recruiting process. Contact Other Coaches and Staff E-mail […]

7 Questions to Ask When Calling a College Coach for the First Time

Are You Ready to Start Calling College Coaches? You’ve done all of your research on each program. You have the e-mail address and phone number for each coach. Now what do you ask when you are actually talking to them? To help you prepare for calls with coaches, write out your questions ahead of time […]

Negotiating for an Athletic Scholarship

Getting an athletic scholarship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your sporting career. But not all scholarships are full-rides. Often times, you are left to find an amount that is best for you and the program you are considering. It is alright to try and get more money with your scholarship but make sure […]

5 Lies Recruits Tell During the College Recruiting Process

Too many times recruits and families think of it as a game where you try to manipulate offers and opportunities to get the best offers. The most successful recruiting processes are ones in which both the coaches and the recruits win. We’ve heard all sorts of bad advice about how to get the best offer, […]

10 Things to do on Your Official Visit

Going on an official visit is a great opportunity to see a school, meet the team, and get a sense of what going to that school might be like. It’s important you get to see not only the athletic facilities but also what life is like for a student. Here are some tips for making […]

3 Ways to Use Social Media in the College Recruiting Process

Social media is changing the way we communicate and it is having a major impact on the college recruiting process. Whether you like it or not coaches and universities are looking at your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for information and to make decisions on whether or not to recruit you […]

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