Communicating with College Coaches

Get Coaches to Recruit You With Your Basketball Resume

College basketball is an extremely popular sport in the United States. This makes it hard to reach coaches and find scholarships. Get an edge by proactively sending your resume out to coaches early in your high school career. Here is how you write a resume if you are a basketball player. Lead off your basketball […]

Don’t Miss Out on a Scholarship Because of Your Resume

Coaches are receiving thousands of e-mails a year from recruits looking for the opportunity to play at their school. The majority of e-mails coaches receive they do not respond to because athletes don’t take the time to write a proper e-mail. One of the biggest mistakes athletes make is not including their contact information. There is […]

When is the Right Time to Talk About an Athletic Scholarship With a Coach?

As the signing period for 2012 continues, we are getting the question, when is the right time to discuss scholarship with coaches? Below is a three-point checklist for recruits who want to discuss scholarships with coaches but don’t want to offend them by looking like all they care about is money. Reader question: “I have received offers […]

How to Write a Resume to Play College Volleyball

College volleyball coaches do not have large recruiting budgets to scour the country looking for potential recruits; therefore, athletes looking for a volleyball scholarship must proactively reach out to coaches. When contacting coaches, your e-mail will be one of thousands they receive, and it is easy for them to ignore if it doesn’t have what […]

How to Get Yourself Recruited: The Ross Mauermann Story

Many recruits have expectations about the recruiting process that just don’t match reality. Recruiting is nothing like it was even a few years ago. If you are getting your advice from someone who isn’t staying up to date on the changing trends, you could be getting incorrect advice. In no particular order, here are some of […]

The NCAA Censors the Best Recruiting Advice for Athletes and Families

The NCAA and NAIA have specific rules regarding how and when coaches can begin actively recruiting players. Coaches at the NCAA D1 level cannot begin recruiting/contacting players until the summer before their senior year. Coaches at the NCAA D2 level have to wait until the summer before an athlete’s junior year (this rule just changed; it […]

Find the Contact Information For College Coaches

Most NCAA and NAIA colleges and universities make coaches’ contact information available online. They are located in several different places and can sometimes be challenging to find. Start by Searching for the School on Google Start with a Google search. Most of the time, you can find coaches’ contact information available on a school’s athletic website. Type […]

Get Recruited to Play College Softball

You must be active and contact college softball coaches if you want to find a scholarship to compete at the NCAA or NAIA level as a softball player. Softball programs have small recruiting budgets, meaning coaches cannot afford to go out and find athletes. The softball recruiting process relies on athletes who take the initiative […]

University of Washington Blogging to an NCAA Championship

I spend a lot of time discussing social media and its impacts on college recruiting. Social media is redefining the way colleges recruit. Unfortunately, it seems like 99 percent of social media and recruiting stories focus on the negative effects. I wanted to change things up and highlight a coach and a program that I […]

5 Steps to a Killer Soccer Recruiting Resume

Soccer recruiting starts earlier than almost any other college sport, making it imperative for athletes to start reaching out to coaches at a young age. Building a great soccer resume will help you introduce yourself to college coaches and help you get a leg up on the competition. Here are five tips in creating a […]

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