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Tips For Potential College Walk-ons

A great question was posted on one of our favorite recruiting blogs, Coach Thurmond’s College Golf Recruiting Blog. A recruit asked him, “For the Walk-On Tryout in September, do I just show up and play, or is there a registration process?” Not all Athletes are Scholarship Athletes We have discussed walking-on as a topic before, […]

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Simple Steps to Make College Recruiting Easier for You

When you hear the word character brought up in the recruitment process, you probably don’t think much of it. Most recruits believe they are just fine in the character department and would rather dedicate their time to playing and getting their name out there. They don’t understand that having good character traits will help them […]

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What Separates the Top Athletes in Recruiting?

Competition is the very nature of athletics, so if you go into the recruiting process thinking “I’ll find a scholarship easily, without much work,” you are already starting off with a major disadvantage. You will have to work hard to get in touch with coaches, market your skills and abilities, and ultimately get a coach […]

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3 Quick Tips to Help You Expand Your College Recruiting

We have said it a million times, but the college recruiting process can confuse athletes who are otherwise qualified to continue to play sports and receive a college education. You may have a basic understanding of what you need to do to get recruited, but you can’t quite get over the hump and attract the […]

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Increase Your College Scholarships Opportunities

If you think being prepared for your recruitment means picking out 1-5 college teams that you are only familiar with because you watch them on TV, then you have already limited your college bound opportunities. Communicating with recruits is what we do; there are many times when answering recruiting questions that we hear how student […]

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What Coaches Can’t Do In the Admissions Process

Recruiting is most often associated with college athletics, but recruiting is an activity performed all over a college campus. Schools are trying to attract superstar professors. Journals are fighting to grab the best articles. And labs are working to get research projects and grants. The All-around Competition  is More Challenging Economic pressures have made the competition for […]

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Factors Coaches Consider When Making Scholarship Decisions

Coaches are the people who determine which athletes get scholarships at the college level, not athletic directors, the admissions offices, or the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Centers. High school athletes who want to continue their careers at the collegiate level already know they want a scholarship, but do they truly know what factors go into […]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Teams

As an athlete you get used to training, practicing, school, and homework all jam-packed into your schedule. You understand there is more to sports than showing up for practice, especially since you want to take your competitiveness to the next level. You put everything you have into your team and understand what’s needed to get […]

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The Secret To Getting Scouts and Coaches to Watch You

Athletes ask us all the time, “How can I get college scouts to come my games.” Our response to this usually goes something like this: “Have you asked any scouts or college coaches to attend your games?” Most athletes were not even aware or even considered picking up the phone or sending over a quick […]

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Transferring Colleges: It’s Harder Than You Think

Athletes come to us all the time with the idea that they can transfer between NCAA Division I or II schools without any problem; they don’t realize that coaches at these levels hold all the power, and can decide whether or not an athlete can transfer. That’s why athletes must spend time early in their […]

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