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8 Ways to Use Email in the College Recruiting Process

Emailing College CoachesYou reach out to coaches before they can contact you. Recruiting starts in the eighth and ninth grades, but coaches can’t actively send you recruiting material before your junior year. That means ambitious recruits are getting a head start by actively emailing coaches to get  a jump on the recruiting process.

Contact Other Coaches and Staff

E-mail is a great way for you to get to know as much as you can about a particular program. If you are already speaking with a coach try and get the e-mail of other coaches on the staff. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the athletic department staff and ask questions about how they like being part of that university. You can learn a lot about a program from the department staff.

Update Them on Academic and Athletic Progress

E-mail is an easy and quick way to share new accomplishments and a new highlight video with coaches that are recruiting you. They may not always respond to your updates, but they always appreciate it.

Arrange a Time You Can Call Coaches

If it is before your junior year and coaches can’t call you, using e-mail to arrange a time to speak on the phone can really move the recruiting process forward. Just let a coach know a date and time you are going to call so they can be sure to pick up.

Get Advice on Camps or Combines to Attend

Camps, combines, and showcases can be a huge investment for most families. Make sure the coaches you want to see you are going to be there. Asking advice on what camps to attend can be one way to be evaluated by the programs you want.

Communicate With Current Athletes on the Team

It is never too early to meet current team members, and oftentimes, they can be the best source of information about what it is really like to be an athlete for that school. Finding their e-mail can be as simple as asking a coach for a couple of athletes you can speak with.

Congratulate a Coach and Players on a Big Win

This is one of our favorite reasons to contact a coach from our top 50 list. Letting a coach and players know you are watching them can go a long way in getting noticed ahead of other recruits. If all things are equal between two recruits, a coach is going to choose a recruit who has shown more interest and desire to be part of a program; e-mailing them after results can be one way to do that.

Schedule a Time to Make an Unofficial Visit

If you can afford it, making an unofficial visit is the best way to see a college and meet a coach. You will get the chance to see the campus and facilities, as well as talk with the coaches. Ask for this opportunity over e-mail and work out a time when you know the coach will be there so you can visit.

Are you looking to start the recruiting process early and need help contacting coaches? We have a complete database with coaches’ contact information from every school in the country. Leave your questions or requests in the comments section below or on FacebookTwitter, or Google+, and we can get you access right away!

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