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10 Things to do on Your Official Visit

10 Things Official VisitGoing on an official visit is a great opportunity to see a school, meet the team, and get a sense of what going to that school might be like. It’s important you get to see not only the athletic facilities but also what life is like for a student. Here are some tips for making sure you get the most out of your official visit.

1. Eat at the Cafeteria on Campus

You get a lot of perks as a student athlete, but one of the things you will have in common with all of the students is where you eat on campus. Try the cafeteria and see if it is food you like.

2. See the on Campus and Off-Campus Housing

Most official visits include a tour of the on-campus dorms, but make sure to go and see where athletes live once they move off campus. Also, think about how you will get back and forth from school and home.

3. Go to the Library and Study Hall

You probably won’t spend as much time here as the rest of the students on campus but make sure to see the academic facilities. If a program has a good tutoring area it is a good sign they support their athletes academically as well.

4. Meet the Training Staff

Be sure to take time and meet the staff in the athletic department and training rooms. These people are critical to the success of a team and a happy athletic staff is the sign of a well-run athletic program.

5. Schedule Time to Meet With an Academic Adviser

Showing the initiative and seeking to meet with an academic adviser on a visit can pay off in the long run. You may find out that the major you want to study won’t actually work with your team’s practice schedule. Better to find out now rather than after you have committed.

6. Just Hang Out on Campus

Take some time to just sit on campus and see how students utilize the campus. Are people out enjoying the campus, or is everyone just going to and from class? Having a campus where people enjoy spending time will make a big difference in how much fun you will have over four years.

7. Sit in On a Class

Maybe the last thing you want to do on a visit is go to class, but learning how classes are run and seeing what the classrooms are like will give you a better overall picture of what the school is like.

8. Talk to Student-Athletes From Other Teams

On visits, you get plenty of opportunities to meet the team, but be sure to talk to some athletes from other sports teams. Getting a sense of how happy other athletes are will let you know more about the athletic program as a whole.

9. Go Out With The Team Members

Take time and see what athletes do during their time off. Besides getting to know your potential teammates better, you get to see what life is like when you aren’t studying, practicing, or competing.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

It can be intimidating on a visit to speak up if you aren’t comfortable, but remember this is your recruiting process. You don’t have to go along with a team member or do something just to impress someone.

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