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7 Questions to Ask When Calling a College Coach for the First Time

Are You Ready to Start Calling College Coaches?

You’ve done all of your research on each program. You have the e-mail address and phone number for each coach. Now what do you ask when you are actually talking to them?

To help you prepare for calls with coaches, write out your questions ahead of time

That way you can make sure you cover all your bases and can easily take notes. The more you communicate with a coach, the easier it will be for you to figure out if you are both on the same page. Is there a connection between you and the coach? Do you feel comfortable? Is this someone you could imagine playing for? These are the type of questions you want to keep in mind as you are building that coach-recruit relationship.

But what do you say when you are calling college coaches for the first time? Here are seven important questions to ask during the recruiting process:

What Does it Take to Earn a Scholarship With Your Program?

Knowing what it takes to earn a scholarship will help you with meeting the eligibility criteria. Many may not know it, but a major cause in not winning a scholarship is simply because people don’t meet the eligibility criteria. Did you know that missing an application deadline or not having a high enough GPA is an automatic disqualifier? There are millions of scholarships available, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, great writer, or have a 4.0 GPA to get one. Sometimes all it takes in meeting the eligibility criteria is being persistent.

Can I Meet With You if I Make an Unofficial Visit?

This is an important question because these visits are vital for coaches. They don’t want to burn any bridges with future recruits, so making an unofficial visit is common. Also, coaches don’t know if you’re going to blow up one day, and sometimes half the battle is getting an athlete on campus.

Where do You Typically Evaluate Your Recruits?

This is helpful so you get an idea on when or where they scout for athletes. Coaches view tapes, but they also scout talent at camps, tournaments, and showcases.

Do You Have Any Camps, Tournaments, or Showcases You Recommend I Attend?

This is the end goal when calling college coaches because your overall objective is to get evaluated. If they give you a recommendation, chances are they will be there.

How is Your Recruiting Class Looking For My Graduation Year?

This will help you evaluate your own abilities with respect to other top players in your recruiting class. There are hundreds of players who play at your level, so you have to distinguish yourself from the rest. Calling college coaches can help with this because it shows your interest in their program. Taking time out of your day to make a phone call can make a major impact.

What is the Best Way to Update You on My Progress?

Make it as convenient as possible for the coach to evaluate you. The more they start seeing you as and hearing about you, the greater your chances of being evaluated. You also want them to be updated on any special recognition, awards, etc.

What Are Good Academic Goals for Your University?

This will help you stay on track with the university’s eligibility criteria. Coaches care about grades, so this shows that you care as well. It is also an excellent way for you to show your academic ability.

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