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When It Comes to Recruiting, Think Outside the Box

If you are a serious recruit, then you need to read this and learn why in today’s highly competitive world of college sports you need to stand out if you want a scholarship. Potential recruits need to quickly learn all they can about the recruitment process so they can devise a strategic recruitment plan. If you are prepared to be a serious competitor When It Comes to Recruiting, Think Outside the Boxthen read on.

To be successful and find the right college opportunity for you, you must be willing to find new and better ways to outsmart your opponents; this does not mean challenging your rival to an epic battle on the court, what I mean is thinking of a way to be better than your rivals by doing something uncommon.

Why You Need to be Unique in Your Recruitment

College coaches are looking for the best athletes. As division I golf coach Matt Thurmond puts it, “We want athletes who are willing to go above and beyond what average people will do.”

High-school athletes who play sports have a 6% chance of playing any college varsity sport at any division level. Meaning, you need to make your chances count; be memorable to college coaches. The more you do, the more they have to remember you by.

The steps to understanding the college recruitment process are not always easy, but if you are willing to get an idea of what it takes and find your uniqueness, then you will be on your way to making things happen.

How Can You Become Unique?

I recently came across a story about Erin DiMeglio a female high school athlete who was preparing for her college recruitment in a very unique way. To find a way to improve her chances of getting a basketball scholarship, she decided to try-out for her school’s football team.

Her strategy; Erin wanted to be a player who stood out from the rest of the 2013 women’s basketball recruits.

How She Stood Out

DiMeglio, took it upon herself to be unique and memorable. What better way than being the recruit who also played football. This season she will be a third-string quarterback for the varsity team. Not bad for an athlete who has never played on the football team before.

Another athlete we’ve recently discussed before is Justin Jackson, a top basketball recruit who’s also making a unique stance in his recruitment by showing college coaches he has what it takes in the classroom as well as on the court.

Erin and Justin’s story is just one of many. There are many stories out there about recruits looking for a unique “in” to boost their sports recruitment. These two realize they need to do more than fill out and return college questionnaires or post an online profile to be considered a serious contender.

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