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Find the Contact Information For College Coaches

Contacting College Coaches

Most NCAA and NAIA colleges and universities make coaches’ contact information available online. They are located in several different places and can sometimes be challenging to find.

Start by Searching for the School on Google

Start with a Google search. Most of the time, you can find coaches’ contact information available on a school’s athletic website. Type the school name into Google, followed by the word “athletics.” For example, if you are looking for contact information of Syracuse University, type “Syracuse University athletics” into Google. Click the appropriate link.

Go to Their Athletic Website and Look for the Staff Directory

Once you are on the athletic website, there are two main places where you can find the staff directory. First, look at the tabs across the top of the web page. Common tab titles are Sports, schedules, Athletics or Athletic Department, Fans, and Facilities. On some sites, you may have to search around to find the directory, but in most cases, the staff directory will be under the Athletics or Athletic Department tab. It may be titled as the Staff Directory, Athletic Directory, Athletic Staff, or even Athletic Department.

The tabs on some athletic sites run down the left side of the page. They will have similar names and titles as the tabs in the above sections.

For Some School You Will Have to Go to the Directory on Their Academic Page

Not all schools have coaches’ contact information located on their athletic page. For some schools, you will have to search for coaches by name on the university’s academic page. If you don’t know the coach’s name, start by again searching for the university’s athletic page. Once you are on the athletic page, you will want to select the Sports tab. Go to the sport you are looking for. Once you are on the sports page, look for either the roster or the coaches’ tab. If there is no coaches’ tab, then the coaches’ names will be listed under the players’ names on the roster.

After you have found the name of the coach or coaches you are looking for, you will need to return to Google. Search for either the university’s academic page or search directly for their staff directory. Staff directories are located in many different places on colleges’ academic web pages, so it may take some time to search around for it. Once you have found it, enter the coach’s name. His or her contact information will come up.

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