Communicating with College Coaches

When It Is Okay to Ask a Coach About a Scholarship

Too many athletes I speak with and whose emails I read are asking coaches about scholarships in the first few emails or phone calls. The only thing this is going to get you, is ignored from that coach. Coaches know athletes want a scholarship, but they also know they only have a limited number to […]

A Coach Contacted Me and Now Won’t Respond

One of the most difficult things to do is get college coaches to notice you and begin recruiting you. That’s why when you get your first letters from coaches you get so excited and you should be. But what happens often times is an athlete responds to the coaches, fills out a recruiting questionnaire and […]

Lessons From Athletes Who Transfer Colleges

The rate of athletes transferring colleges is growing every year. I get a lot of questions from recruits and parents about what their options are and many times, athletes have no choice but to lose a year of eligibility. This article is for athletes and parents of athletes who are trying to identify the right […]

September 1st and the NCAA Recruiting Calendar

September 1st is considered a big day in recruiting because it signifies important dates for when NCAA DI schools can begin contacting senior recruits. It’s important to understand what rules change September 1, but more important is understanding the NCAA Recruiting Calendar and how you can take advantage of the rules to get ahead in […]

The Mistake 90% of Athletes Make When Emailing College Coaches

One of the dirty little secrets about recruiting is that it is easier than it has ever been for college coaches to find recruits. What hasn’t changed, is that they don’t have the time to sift through all of these recruits in order to find the few that are actually right for their school. This […]

What Your Local College Recruiting Story Isn’t Telling You

All across the country newspapers publish stories about the local star athletes who are getting recruited by the top college coaches. These are great stories meant to fill communities in on what’s happening with their top local prep athletes. Unfortunately, these are also the stories that many parents and athletes use are their bases for […]

How Do I Get College Coaches to Watch Me Play?

More than any other single event in the recruiting process, athletes and parents equate seeing scouts and coaches at your games as the sign that you are being seriously recruited. It is certainly true that if a school is going to send staff to come watch you play you are on their radar. What most […]

Do You Make These Recruiting Mistakes in the College Recruiting Process?

The college recruiting process can confuse athletes and lead them to commit many recruiting mistakes. Below is a collection of resources we have shared with athletes over the last year that will help you avoid making the recruiting mistakes that often plague athletes and complicate their college recruiting process. Creating and Sharing a Bad Recruiting […]

Are You Ready to Learn About Recruiting Profiles?

Understanding Recruiting Profiles A recruiting profile can be your link to communicating with college coaches. This is where you can tell college coaches all about yourself both academically and athletically. As a potential recruit, it’s your job to make your recruitment happen. Below you will learn how recruiting profiles are used and how they benefit […]

How to Get a Cross Country Scholarship

The quiet period for NCAA cross country begins Monday, December 10, and with the exception of a brief dead period from December 16-21, runs until January 2, 2013. Athletes must know what the NCAA recruiting calendar looks like for their sport so they can plan out different phases of their personal recruiting process, and cross […]

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