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How to Write a Resume to Play College Volleyball

play college volleyball

College volleyball coaches do not have large recruiting budgets to scour the country looking for potential recruits; therefore, athletes looking for a volleyball scholarship must proactively reach out to coaches. When contacting coaches, your e-mail will be one of thousands they receive, and it is easy for them to ignore if it doesn’t have what they are looking for. There are steps you can take to make your resume one that coaches want to read.

Get Game Film of All Your Games

Make sure you are filming all of your games. Take your best defensive, offensive, or any other all-around good plays you are involved in and create a highlight film. Upload the film to a website that hosts user videos, such as YouTube. Put the link to your volleyball highlight video in your resume to make it as easy as possible for coaches to view your video. Keep your full-game film on file because coaches will want to see your entire games if they like your highlight film.

Find the Right Club Team

Get on the right club team. It is extremely important to do some research on local volleyball travel and club teams because college volleyball coaches recruit heavily based on what club and travel teams athletes play for. Google club teams in your area, and find out which teams produce the most college athletes. Find out how you can get on these teams.

Find a way to play in the big tournaments. For female volleyball players, the Las Vegas Volleyball Classic in mid-February has given the women who play in that tournament an excellent opportunity to play in front of the top coaches in college volleyball. You should search for events like the Vegas tournament that offer fantastic opportunities to play in front of college coaches. Make sure to send your resume to coaches and to contact them before attending events like this because coaches will only notice you at tournaments if they are already looking for you.

High school competition is also very important. Give coaches some insight into not only your club team playing experience but also your high school playing experience.

Make Sure You Are Collecting Your Statistics

Use statistics to paint a more vivid profile. Coaches are experienced-enough volleyball recruiters to judge what level of competition you are competing in (either through video or through their knowledge of leagues and conferences). Including statistics in your resume allows coaches to judge how well you compete on a given team or league. College coaches want to see your games played, kills, kills per game, total attacks, blocks, blocks per game, solo blocks, assists, assists per game, receiving percentage, digs, and aces.

Here is a complete guide on how to write your college recruiting resume.

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