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Don’t Miss Out on a Scholarship Because of Your Resume

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Coaches are receiving thousands of e-mails a year from recruits looking for the opportunity to play at their school. The majority of e-mails coaches receive they do not respond to because athletes don’t take the time to write a proper e-mail. One of the biggest mistakes athletes make is not including their contact information. There is some standard information coaches need from you when you e-mail them, and it might not be what you think.

You Need to Include Your Contact Information

Below your introductory cover letter, you will need to insert a section with your personal contact information. You should include your home address so coaches can send you packets of information about their program and other correspondence. Also include your home phone number and a secondary phone number, like your cell phone if you have one. This is a good place to put your parents’ or guardians’ names since coaches may call your home; however, coaches will mainly want to talk to you, not your parents. It’s also a good place to put down your date of birth.

Give College Coaches Contact Information for Your References as Well

You will want to include your high school and/or club coach’s contact information including his phone number and e-mail address. Many times, college coaches will want to speak with your current coaches, sometimes even before they respond to you. You should make it as easy as possible for them to get in contact with your coach. Some high school and club coaches prefer e-mail; some prefer phone. Make sure that you discuss the best contact options with your coach before sending your resume. It’s important to notify your coaches that college coaches may be interested in speaking with them about you.

Last But Not Least, Include Your School’s Contact Information

If a coach needs to verify any of your academic information, you should make it as easy as possible for him. The key to a good resume is to make all your important information as accessible as possible. Include your school’s contact information in your resume. Things you want to include are the name of your high school and its main address. Coaches could be interested in verifying your academic information. You can also include your guidance counselor’s name, phone number, and e-mail address on your resume.

For more help in writing your resume, here is our free guide, How to Create a College Recruiting Resume.

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