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The Secret To Getting Scouts and Coaches to Watch You

Coaches Coming To Your GamesAthletes ask us all the time, “How can I get college scouts to come my games.” Our response to this usually goes something like this: “Have you asked any scouts or college coaches to attend your games?” Most athletes were not even aware or even considered picking up the phone or sending over a quick email asking coaches to attend their games, tournaments or matches.

If you expect to get recruited for college sports, you will need to get your name out to coaches as soon as your freshman and sophomore years of high school.

The truth is; athletes, who sit around waiting for scouts or college coaches to show-up to one of their games, may be waiting for a very long time. As a recruit you need to be consistently on the look-out for college programs and always working on your recruitment. There is no time to waste.

What You Need to Say

College coaches need to know you will be an asset to their program. The best way to get their attention is to show them. Start by emailing them your sports resume and links to your video footage.

Once you feel ready to begin calling coaches and talking, go for it. If you really want to impress coaches do your research; get caught up on the coach’s records and major breakthroughs during the year, if you are knowledgeable about the team it will show in your conversation. Most importantly, just be prepared for the conversation. Know what you are going to ask in advance. There is nothing worse than making a horrible first-impression to college coaches.

Be Creative

Reaching out to coaches on social media platforms is always a good idea. See what they are talking about, follow their advice and every once in a while ask them a question. Think about what you are asking them before you do it on a public forum. NCAA coaches are bound to strict recruiting guidelines of when and how they can talk with recruits.

What you need to keep in mind; top college coaches are being inundated with information from recruits around the world. It will sometimes be hard to get their attention no matter what you do.

The important part for you is to make yourself stand out from the crowd, capitalize on something which will set you apart from the rest of the recruiting class and be persistent when you reach out to college coaches.

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