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Are You Ready to Play Basketball in College?

Balancing the Basketball Season and Your Basketball Recruitment Just because it’s time to get serious on the court you don’t have to halt all your recruitment progress during the season. Basketball recruitment is fierce and you are going to be up against major competition, which is why you need to have a solid game plan. […]

3 Expert Tips to Help You Find the Best Wrestling College

High school wrestlers dream of one day competing at the college level, but just like anything else it takes hard work and dedication to find a college to wrestle for. Wrestlers are among the hardest training athletes, so don’t let all that time spent sweating through grueling practices to make weight go to waste by […]

Recent News about the Gymnastics Recruiting Period

Paving the way to be a successful gymnastic recruit is going to take plenty of skill and a lot of motivation. There are many avenues you can take in your recruitment, but ultimately, if you plan on earning a gymnastics scholarship then you need to know and understand the requirements surrounding college gymnastics recruiting. College Gymnastics […]

A Look at Today’s College Recruiting Landscape

An article written by Charlie Adams for the NCSA Blog describes the changes in college athletic recruiting he has seen in the last 30 years. 30 years ago, recruiting wasn’t quite the fast-paced environment like it does today. You didn’t see 8th graders being offered verbal commitments, and there wasn’t nearly as much media coverage […]

The Recruiting Advantage Every Athlete Should Use

Potential college recruits are constantly looking for an advantage over other athletes. Well, exploring local colleges and universities is an obvious advantage that athletes often overlook. Coaches’ recruiting budgets don’t allow them to get out on the road as much as most people expect, leading them to recruit local athletes quite often. Learn how to […]

How is Your Recruiting Going to Change September 1st?

On September 1st the NCAA opens the doors on college recruiting for upper classman. For all Junior’s that is the date D1 and D2 coaches can officially begin to send emails, letters and accept your social media request. For senior football players coaches will be allowed to start calling once per week starting Saturday. This […]

Conferences, Not NCAA, Keep Nonqualifiers Out of School

One of the most stressful times for a college athlete is waiting for their initial eligibility status to clear. The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies athletes as qualifiers or non-qualifiers, and so they hold many of the cards for athletes waiting to be cleared. Delays; going back and forth between the Eligibility Center, high school, prospect […]

Tips For Potential College Walk-ons

A great question was posted on one of our favorite recruiting blogs, Coach Thurmond’s College Golf Recruiting Blog. A recruit asked him, “For the Walk-On Tryout in September, do I just show up and play, or is there a registration process?” Not all Athletes are Scholarship Athletes We have discussed walking-on as a topic before, […]

Schools Use Flexible Scholarship Limits to Get More Athletes Aid

When choosing a school, whether or not the university can offer a scholarship and how big that scholarship might be are critical questions for prospects. Once a prospect starts being offered athletic scholarships, the ability of a school to offer a scholarship is often the first requirement for the prospect to consider that school. Walk-on […]

NCAA Rules Limit Scholarship Package Deals

The story of Robert Nkemdiche’s recruitment began with his commitment to Clemson and has now centered around the number of friends and teammates Clemson has offered scholarships to in order to secure and keep Nkemdiche’s commitment. It has lead to broader questions about whether package deals should be allowed by the NCAA and whether coaches […]

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