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The Top 5 Terms You Need to Know About the NCAA Recruiting Calendar

The NCAA publishes recruiting calendars each year to help athletes and coaches understand when different periods of the recruiting process occur. As a recruit, you must understand how the recruiting calendar for your sport will dictate your interactions with coaches. There are five key periods to identify when looking at your recruiting calendar. However, don’t […]

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If You Have To Play in College Be Ready To Walk-On

High school students looking for the opportunity to continue their athletic and academic career should consider their options to walk-on to a program. We have discussed options for seniors such as postgraduate studies and junior college, but walking on to a program gives athletes the opportunity to try out for a school that they are […]

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Protect Yourself From College Coaching Changes

College coaches are a huge part of the recruiting process. They spend time, sometimes years, communicating with athletes and enticing them to play for their school. Athletes sometimes choose one school over another because of the relationship they have with a coach; an NCAA survey found that 41 percent of NCAA Division I football players […]

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You Can’t Just Wait For A Scholarship After High School

NCAA eligibility is a complex subject, and most athletes do not realize they start losing eligibility just one year after they graduate high school. Make sure you fully understand the rules for your sport before you decide to delay your college enrollment. How Much Eligibility Do I Start With? You get five years to compete […]

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5 Things Each Year to Get Recruited

Ninth Grade This is your first year of high school- your time to jump in and get your feet wet. This will mark the beginning of documenting your athleticism and academics to later show to college coaches. Keep track of your highs: your high scores/ stats, your high tournament placements, and your high grades. These […]

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Multiyear Scholarships: Why it May Affect You Differently Than You Think

When athletes think about the possibility of a multi-year scholarship, they typically think about the safety of not needing their scholarship renewed annually. However, the new ruling may affect athletes in a more negative way than many of them think. A Brief Background of the New Ruling The decision to allow NCAA Division I schools […]

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How Athletic Department Revenue Impacts Your Recruiting

Tune in during college football’s Bowl Season or during March Madness and you are almost guaranteed to hear a discussion about athletes potentially being paid for their efforts on the court or on the field. Those statements fail to address the fact that there are more than 600 colleges that compete at the NCAA Division […]

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New Laws to Help You Understand Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are not fully understood by the majority of athletes and families. We spend most of our time helping you understand what it takes to get a scholarship and flourish in the recruiting process. However, just because you know how to get a scholarship and you might be fortunate enough to be receiving one […]

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The Secret Weapon for Getting an Athletic Scholarship

I get hundreds of e-mails a week, and the majority of them are asking, “How can I get an athletic scholarship?” I am happy to answer these e-mails and give my advice on what these athletes or parents can do, but I know 95 percent of the people I respond to do nothing with the […]

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How To Use Your College Sports Resume to Get Recruited

So Your Resume is Done and You Know Where You Want to Send it, What Should You Do Now? The first thing you should do is make sure your e-mail address is appropriate to send to college coaches. How to Set Up an E-mail Account for College Recruiting Once you have a dedicated recruiting e-mail […]

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