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The College Application and Admissions Process: What You Need to Know

Start the Summer Before Your Senior Year The process of selecting schools to apply to, getting the application packets, writing the essays, and sending them off can be very time-consuming. Starting your senior year is full of all sorts of excitement, and before you know it, deadlines for applications are looming. Do yourself a favor […]

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The Real Value of an Athletic Scholarship [Infographic]

There has been a lot of debate about whether athletes on full-scholarships should get more money when they are on scholarship or even just get paid. While it looks like this won’t be happening this year it is important to remember how much a scholarship will be worth to an athlete over their lifetime as well as how […]

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5 Common Myths About an Athletic Scholarship

Myth: Athletic Scholarships Are All Full-Ride Scholarships Most athletes and their families assume that the athletic scholarships available for college are all full-ride scholarships. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Full scholarships are only available in head count sports. In the NCAA, the head count sports for men are football (DI-A only) and basketball (DI). For women, the head count sports […]

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How Academics Can Help You Earn a Better Athletic Scholarship

The competition for athletic scholarships is sky high. There are thousands of high school athletes who are looking for an opportunity to play sports at the college level, which makes finding an athletic scholarship very difficult. It All Starts in the Classroom Coaches are looking for not only stellar athletes, but also dedicated students. College coaches are not […]

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College Athletes Earn $1 Million More Over Their Lifetime

There has been a lot of talk about how full-ride scholarships are not covering the full costs of tuition. There are two sides to the argument. One side thinks full-scholarship athletes should get more money to offset the costs of attending school and others say that the current full-ride scholarships are more than adequate. There […]

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