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Are You Ready to Play Basketball in College?

Balancing the Basketball Season and Your Basketball Recruitment

Just because it’s time to get serious on the court you don’t have to halt all your recruitment progress during the season. Basketball recruitment is fierce and you are going to be up against major competition, which is why you need to have a solid game plan. Start setting your basketball goals, researching basketball colleges and creating your game footage early so you will be ready when it counts most.

There is No Way Around It; Basketball in College is Extremely Competitive

To be a serious college competitor you need to understand what you’re up against.  The basketball numbers speak for themselves- 552,935 high school players competing for a spot to play on one of the 1,800 college basketball programs out there.  Don’t let the numbers distract you from meeting your goal and playing college basketball.

Be ready to work just as hard during your season as you should be during the pre- and post- season.  Committed basketball recruits need to stay ahead of the competition in any way possible.

What the Start of a New Basketball Season Means for Upcoming Recruits

Thinking that your junior or senior year on varsity basketball will get you recruited is not how recruiting works.  The basketball season is basketball season for college coaches too. Coaching staffs are working hard at developing their current team, so the chances of them taking the time to attend your high school game or practice are slim to none, especially if you have never been in contact with them.

What you Should do to Get Recruited During This Basketball Season

Set goals and let the coaches know what they are. As you begin your recruitment, college coaches want to see what you are made of. They want to know if you improve with each game and how you develop overall as a successful basketball player.

Start filling out recruiting questionnaires before and during your season. This will get your name  coaches’ databases so they are able to refer back to your information as you continue to reach out to them.  Even if you feel you have no time to worry about forms, make time. Remember, basketball recruiting is competitive so do all you can to get ahead.

Make a plan to get your game footage developed. The easiest and fastest way for college coaches to quickly evaluate you is through video. They are going to ask for it so make sure you are prepared. Take time to see what good recruiting videos look like. Having a friend or parent do the video is fine, just make sure to tell them what you need and how they should be filming.

Being active in your recruitment during the basketball season will help you stay ahead of the game throughout your recruitment process. Don’t let little setbacks distract you from the entire process. Get out there and start doing.

More tips to Playing Basketball in College:

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