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Recent News about the Gymnastics Recruiting Period

Paving the way to be a successful gymnastic recruit is going to take plenty of skill and a lot of motivation. There are many avenues you can take in your recruitment, but ultimately, if you plan on earning a gymnastics scholarship then you need to know and understand the requirements surrounding college gymnastics recruiting.

College Gymnastics Recruiting

Gymnastic recruits should all be aware that this process is going to take time. They also need to know that at any time during high school they can start to reach out and introduce themselves to college coaches they hope to compete for. Reaching out to college coaches early is the best way for recruits to get ahead of their competition.

Gymnastics Recruiting Period

Throughout your high school career you need to continue to update and work on your college recruitment. Ways to stay ahead in the recruiting game include, sending coaches your current competition scores after meets and also sending them links to your new and updated competition and practice videos.

Making a point to keep coaches updated will benefit you during your recruitment. College coaches love to see improvements made in recruits’ competition throughout high school.

What Today Means For Your Gymnastics Recruitment

Today marks the second day of the NLI early signing period. For you this means there are already college recruits signing letters of intent with colleges. Once a recruit signs a letter of intent they can say their recruitment has come to a close. The student-athlete will still need to meet all academic and amateur eligibility requirements along with those set by the university they plan to compete for before they are officially a member of the college and the team.

If you’re a recruit who has NOT been updating college coaches or been asked to sign an NLI during this gymnastics early signing period then you need to kick start your college recruitment NOW.   This gymnastics early signing period goes until November 21, 2012 and will not be open again until April 17, 2013 – August 1, 2013 when it officially ends for 2013 high school graduates.

August 1, 2013 will be your last chance to sign with a college team. This date does not mean colleges will still have available spots left by this date so you should not hope to hear from a coach if you haven’t heard from one yet. Instead you need to take the initiative and get your name and stats out to coaches ASAP.

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