4 Tips to Becoming a College Tight End Recruit

The tight end position can be of extreme value or limited importance, depending on the type of offense your coach has implemented. Professional teams such as the New England Patriots and the Peyton Manning- era Indianapolis colts made the tight end position vital to their success as Super Bowl champions. Following in the NFL’s footsteps, […]

Get Inside Info From Potential Teammates by Using Social Media

You will never get a full appreciation for a program just by talking to a coach, but you can learn how to use social media outlets to connect with athletes at the programs you will potentially play for. Athletes can give you a candid evaluation of a college and the athletic team because they have […]

How to Prepare for a Verbal Scholarship Offer

Verbal commitments are increasing in popularity for the NCAA Division I and Division II colleges, and athletes need to understand their implications. Verbal commitments are a nonbinding scholarship deal between an athlete and a coach. Coaches sometimes tend to pressure athletes into giving a verbal agreement; if it isn’t binding, why do they want a […]

Don’t Sit The Bench Your Freshman Year

Ninety-nine percent of high school athletes are not physically or mentally ready to play sports at the college level when they arrive on campus. As a former SEC strength coach, I have seen it all when it comes to college freshmen: overweight, underweight, overall weakness, flexibility issues, muscle imbalance issues, coordination issues, balance issues, and the […]

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Choosing A Division Level and Other Reader Questions

We got another great reader e-mail the other day, and we thought we would share some of the questions and answers that came about from the e-mail. Don’t forget that we are available by phone, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter for you to ask us any college recruiting questions you may have. We Have Been Invited to […]

Why Travel Teams Are Essential for Athletic Scholarships

High school is the time in an athlete’s career when they are supposed to develop as a player and to grow as a competitor; from here, athletes will learn if they want to continue to play at the college level or not. For most athletes, the route to college sports competition begins as a little […]

When Should You Start The College Recruiting Process?

One of the most popular questions we get at Athnet is “When should I start the recruiting process?” The answer is: usually a lot earlier than you think. Too often athletes wait until their senior year or even halfway through their senior year to start the recruiting process. This is too late. Yes, you may be able […]

The Top 5 Terms You Need to Know About the NCAA Recruiting Calendar

The NCAA publishes recruiting calendars each year to help athletes and coaches understand when different periods of the recruiting process occur. As a recruit, you must understand how the recruiting calendar for your sport will dictate your interactions with coaches. There are five key periods to identify when looking at your recruiting calendar. However, don’t […]

The First 3 Steps To Recruiting If You Haven’t Started Yet

Taking the first step and actually starting your college recruitment is definitely the hardest part of the process. The majority of student athletes are not sure where to begin, so they put off understanding the process and never fully pursue the goal because they think they will never make it. Don’t wait around to get […]

Seniors, Here Are 375 Universities Still Looking For Students

It’s the time of the year when the dust is starting to settle, and many high school athletes are realizing that they do not have a school to play for next year. In the past, we have discussed options for seniors such as walking on to a school, taking a year of postgraduate studies, and […]

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