If You Have To Play in College Be Ready To Walk-On

High school students looking for the opportunity to continue their athletic and academic career should consider their options to walk-on to a program. We have discussed options for seniors such as postgraduate studies and junior college, but walking on to a program gives athletes the opportunity to try out for a school that they are […]

3 Dangerous College Recruiting Traps

Getting recruited to play college sports is easier said than done. Many high school athletes do not realize the amount of work that goes into the recruiting process, until they find themselves somewhere in the middle of it. Because there is so much to learn about getting recruited, it’s easy to be led astray. Most […]

Protect Yourself From College Coaching Changes

College coaches are a huge part of the recruiting process. They spend time, sometimes years, communicating with athletes and enticing them to play for their school. Athletes sometimes choose one school over another because of the relationship they have with a coach; an NCAA survey found that 41 percent of NCAA Division I football players […]

Being Good at Your Sport Is Not Enough

We come across too many athletes that think if they just concentrate on their sport and are really good, they will find an athletic scholarship. Maybe it is due to the growing popularity of college football recruiting. With things like ESPN’s NEXT, national TV coverage on football’s initial signing day, and the popularity of top […]

#18 Recruiting Corner: Andrew Luck, Contacting College Coaches & NCAA Eligibility Center

[powerpress] If you have any questions for next weeks recruiting corner, leave them in the comments below or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Joshua: All right guys. After a long break we are back with The Recruiting Corner. As you see a new face here. This is Ashley Lawrence. She is our […]

4 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Recruiting Process

College recruiting can be an intense process. Many student-athletes don’t realize the time and effort they will have to put into the process before seeing the results they want. Some still believe that coaches will find them and don’t do anything to increase their chances of gaining exposure. The truth is that recruiting is work, […]

Don’t Lose Your Scholarship in The Recruiting Shuffle

As a potential college recruit, you must proactively call and e-mail college coaches to get recruited. Making the initial contact with coaches is one of the most important steps of the recruiting process, but if you are unable to stay organized throughout, your efforts may go to waste. Sending your resume to coaches and getting an e-mail […]

Get Recruited with a YouTube Channel

Using video to gain exposure is a key part of the recruiting process; it helps coaches to see your skill set and to determine if you are a good fit for their program. Coaches will want to see you play live in most recruiting scenarios. Providing them with great video will help you get to […]

4 Things You Need to Know About NAIA Eligibility

What is the NAIA Eligibility Center? Before a student-athlete will be able to participate in collegiate sports at the NAIA level they will first need to visit the NAIA clearinghouse website and submit their personal information, GPA, test scores, high school transcripts and sports teams’ information. 1. How it Works The NAIA Eligibility Center could […]

How to Get Recruited Using Your Highlight Video

Once you have created a good recruiting highlight video, you must learn how to effectively use it to get yourself recruited. Coaches will want to know your stats, grades, and information on the teams you play on; but this all leads to coaches wanting to see you play live. Your highlight video will be the […]

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