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Criticisms for Early Recruiting Missing the Mark

There are over 270 comments and climbing on a recent New York Times article chronicling the increased number of early commits made by college recruits. People are upset at the idea that families and recruits are being asked (some say forced) into deciding on a sport and college in the 8th and 9th grade. The […]

Can You Handle What Happens at Elite Camps and Combines?

You know the expression, “Be careful what you wish for”? It applies to the elite athlete Spring/Summer camps and showcases held every year. These camps are often hyper-focused on one thing – finding the best talent and having them compete against one another.  Although some of these camps are invite only, many are open to […]

How Do I Get College Coaches to Watch Me Play?

More than any other single event in the recruiting process, athletes and parents equate seeing scouts and coaches at your games as the sign that you are being seriously recruited. It is certainly true that if a school is going to send staff to come watch you play you are on their radar. What most […]

Why You Should Find the Right AAU or Travel Basketball Team

Need a Reason to Find a Club Basketball Team? Take it from Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Josh Smith, Dajuan Wagner, J.R. Smith, Tim Thomas and Anthony Davis– all professional players who grew up playing on an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball team. Playing for an AAU team provides one of the best advantages for young basketball […]

AAU and Club Volleyball Teams Help You Get a Scholarship: Tryouts Start in November

One avenue an athlete can take as they decide to proceed in competing in their sport throughout high school and during college is to play on a competitive volleyball club team. This type of competition not only helps athletes develop their skills, it also helps them to realize if they want to continue competing in […]

Don’t Lose Eligibility Because of Travel Team Associations

The NCAA has focused on limiting the influence coaches at top AAU basketball teams have in the college recruiting process in recent years, and they are continuing to crack down on the issue due to athlete eligibility issues. Playing on a club or AAU team is a key part of the recruiting process; they allow […]

From Unknown to NCAA to NBA: Lessons from Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has enjoyed quite the ride over the last few years- going from being literally unknown in high school, to an NCAA Champion, to the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. The key breakthrough for Davis came when he tried out for former NFL player Tai Streets’ AAU basketball team, Meanstreets. At the […]

Why Travel Teams Are Essential for Athletic Scholarships

High school is the time in an athlete’s career when they are supposed to develop as a player and to grow as a competitor; from here, athletes will learn if they want to continue to play at the college level or not. For most athletes, the route to college sports competition begins as a little […]

#12 Recruiting Corner: HS vs. Club Sports, Recruiting Strategies, Unofficial Visits, Duel-Sport Athletes

[powerpress] Do you have questions you want answered? Leave them in the comments below.   Joshua: Hey guys, welcome back. You know what time it is. Another round of The Recruiting Corner. Joshua Zimmerman welcoming back David Frank how are things going? David: Good. Good to be back missed out last week, so happy to […]

Playing College Soccer Just Got Easier / Harder

The US Soccer Development Academy has instituted a new 10 month long season for their elite Development Academy Club Season. This new schedule will take effect for the 2012/13 season and will impact college soccer recruiting immediately. If you want to play at the NCAA D1 level, it almost forces you to play for a […]

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