Recruiting Tips for a Potential College Wide Receiver

Every great quarterback has had one or multiple great receivers to build a career with. It’s like having spaghetti and meatballs or peanut butter and jelly—one doesn’t really make sense without the other; they just work well as a team. Becoming a wide receiver college prospect means understanding your role in the offense. Know Your […]

#16 Recruiting Corner: Access to Our College Coaches Database

Here is the link to get access to our college coaches database. Create your account and get started with searching for schools. Be sure to ask us questions about the recruiting process in the comments below. Joshua: And we’re back. It’s The Recruiting Corner. Joshua Zimmerman. David Frank. Hope you guys are all doing well. How are you doing, […]

How Athletic Department Revenue Impacts Your Recruiting

Tune in during college football’s Bowl Season or during March Madness and you are almost guaranteed to hear a discussion about athletes potentially being paid for their efforts on the court or on the field. Those statements fail to address the fact that there are more than 600 colleges that compete at the NCAA Division […]

One of the Best NCAA Resources Gone Again

Families and athletes have always struggled to get answers to their eligibility questions from the NCAA. Despite the 500,000 pieces of mail and 180,000 phone calls a year to the NCAA Eligibility Center, many families are in the dark about NCAA rules and regulations. In 2009, John Infante (then a compliance officer at Loyola Marymount) […]

New Laws to Help You Understand Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are not fully understood by the majority of athletes and families. We spend most of our time helping you understand what it takes to get a scholarship and flourish in the recruiting process. However, just because you know how to get a scholarship and you might be fortunate enough to be receiving one […]

#15 Recruiting Corner: How to Find Scholarships, Multi-year Scholarships and Social Media in Recruiting

You can leave questions in the comments below. Joshua: Hey guys, welcome back. You know what time it is. We’re back with another Recruiting Corner. Joshua Zimmerman, David Frank. David: Hey guys, how’s it going? Just a quick reminder, subscribe to our YouTube channel, get this sent to you every week once we’ve got it. […]

Finding the Right College Program

Now that you are ready to take your athletic and academic venture to the next level, you need to start your search for the right college and division levels. Are You Sure that You Want to Play College Sports? If you have no clue on where to look, then you will have an even harder time […]

The Secret Weapon for Getting an Athletic Scholarship

I get hundreds of e-mails a week, and the majority of them are asking, “How can I get an athletic scholarship?” I am happy to answer these e-mails and give my advice on what these athletes or parents can do, but I know 95 percent of the people I respond to do nothing with the […]

How To Use Your College Sports Resume to Get Recruited

So Your Resume is Done and You Know Where You Want to Send it, What Should You Do Now? The first thing you should do is make sure your e-mail address is appropriate to send to college coaches. How to Set Up an E-mail Account for College Recruiting Once you have a dedicated recruiting e-mail […]

#14 Recruiting Corner: High School Live-Streams, Letters to Coaches, & Jr. College

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below. Joshua: All right. It’s time for another round of The Recruiting Corner. Joshua Zimmerman and David Frank as always. What’s going on? David: Not too much, guys. I want to get started. Ask you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. That way you get […]

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