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Stay Ahead of the Trend in Soccer Recruiting

On Thursday November 15, 2012, the NCAA tournament to crown the division I men’s soccer champion gets underway. Many familiar teams will enter the tournament with aspirations of taking the crown, but a new trend in recruiting has altered the landscape of the top NCAA contenders: international student athletes are getting recruited more, and they […]

International Students: Look at Junior College for Opportunities in the United States

No matter what country an athlete comes from, international students who want to play at a college in the United States face a task that can feel intimidating. For international athletes, simply getting a coach’s attention tends to require more effort than it would from an equally-skilled American student-athlete. That shouldn’t stop an international looking for […]

International Student Athlete Foreign GPA Calculator

The NCAA is placing an increasing value on academic standards for student athletes. One of the most confusing eligibility issues for prospective international student athletes is figuring out if they have a good enough GPA to satisfy the core course requirements. The NCAA uses a sliding scale to determine athletic eligibility. The sliding scale correlates […]

How International Athletes Get Recruited to Play College Tennis

NCAA Tennis Recruiting Increase your tennis recruiting chances by stepping up and starting your own team research. Don’t get complacent and wait for college coaches to find you; start sending out e-mails and connecting with them on social media sites. Make your name noticed. The NCAA programs want to make their teams the best; the […]

Getting Recruited as an International Student Athlete

One of the most common recruiting questions is, can I get recruited as an international athlete? The answer is yes. Coaches offer scholarships to international athletes quite often. But what do you have to do to get recruited as an international student athlete? You must be diligent and proactive in contacting coaches. Coaches will not discover you […]

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