Highlight & Skills Videos

Get Recruited with a YouTube Channel

Using video to gain exposure is a key part of the recruiting process; it helps coaches to see your skill set and to determine if you are a good fit for their program. Coaches will want to see you play live in most recruiting scenarios. Providing them with great video will help you get to […]

How to Get Recruited Using Your Highlight Video

Once you have created a good recruiting highlight video, you must learn how to effectively use it to get yourself recruited. Coaches will want to know your stats, grades, and information on the teams you play on; but this all leads to coaches wanting to see you play live. Your highlight video will be the […]

Tips for Creating a Great Recruiting Video

A good recruiting video can make a huge difference in your chances of getting an athletic scholarship. In many cases, your highlight video is your greatest shot to get the attention of a coach. Coaches look for specific things in video, and there are steps you can take to make your sure your video doesn’t get thrown in […]

5 Ways to Save Big on Recruiting Videos

Recruiting videos are an essential component to any good athlete’s portfolio. Many college coaches don’t have the time or budget to travel and watch high school athletes at their games. So having a professional highlight video online is the best way to get a college coach to see you play. Coaches need to evaluate your abilities in […]

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