4 Tips from a College Linebacker Prospect

When I started playing football, I knew that I wanted to be a leader. I wanted my teammates to respect and to listen to me, and I wanted my coaches to lean on me but I knew I was never going to be a quarterback. I knew I loved to be physical, to hit and […]

College Soccer Scholarships by the Numbers

The recruiting process for college soccer is going to be experiencing significant changes as the elite club teams seek to identify the top recruits as freshman in high school. This means it will be even more critical that you contact coaches on your own. If you are not contacting coaches before they can contact you, […]

Don’t Miss Out on a Scholarship Because of Your Resume

Coaches are receiving thousands of e-mails a year from recruits looking for the opportunity to play at their school. The majority of e-mails coaches receive they do not respond to because athletes don’t take the time to write a proper e-mail. One of the biggest mistakes athletes make is not including their contact information. There is […]

When is the Right Time to Talk About an Athletic Scholarship With a Coach?

As the signing period for 2012 continues, we are getting the question, when is the right time to discuss scholarship with coaches? Below is a three-point checklist for recruits who want to discuss scholarships with coaches but don’t want to offend them by looking like all they care about is money. Reader question: “I have received offers […]

#10 Recruiting Corner: Walking-on at a University and Multi-year Scholarships

Do you have a question you want answered? Ask your question in the comments below. Joshua: And we’re back for another round of The Recruiting Corner, bringing you the latest breaking news in college recruiting. David, what is on our schedule today? David: Lots of things going on. We go back to multi-year scholarships. NCAA Division […]

You Want to Play Quarterback in College (part 2)

In the first part of this series, I discussed the intangibles of being a successful quarterback and college football recruit. This follow-up will go beyond intangible traits discussing the physical traits a college quarterback recruit should possess. Build Your Body If genetics were the coach, then work ethic would be the quarterback; you cannot win a championship […]

College Volleyball Scholarships by the Numbers

Volleyball is one of the best athletic scholarship opportunities for women athletes. If you are seeking a college to play for, it is up to you to reach out to coaches and find the programs that are the right fit for you. The majority of the college volleyball coaches rely on athletes to contact them […]

4 Steps for Getting a College Tennis Scholarship

In the past few weeks there has been an increase of articles and stories written regarding the lack of American tennis players represented at recent grand slam tournaments. Unfortunate as it is to not see Roddick or one of the Williams sisters reach top spots, it does not mean that tennis is phasing out here […]

You Want to Play Quarterback in College (part 1)

It’s no secret what a quarterback means to a college football team. It goes without saying that the quarterback is the most important person on the football field at any given time. If you are unsure of this, please look to the recent 2011 demise of the Peyton Manning–less Indianapolis Colts. Without a quarterback that understands […]

College Track and Field Scholarships by the Numbers

Track and Field should be straight forward when it comes to college recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. Either you are fast enough, jump high enough or throw far enough. However, every year thousands of recruits miss out on scholarship opportunities because they do not know where to look. Check out our newest graphic and […]

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