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The Road to O’Bannon

“The Road to Brown” is an excellent documentary about a very dry subject: litigation strategy. In the short film, the story is told about how the NAACP and a group of lawyers devised and executed a long term legal battle against segregation in public schools. Instead of starting with primary schools in the Deep South, […]

NCAA Playing Dangerous Game of Whack-a-Mole With Criticism

As an organization that often has to compromise and find the middle ground between two ideals, the NCAA often finds itself under attack from both sides. Listen to enough people and you will learn that the NCAA is both too commercial and not commercial enough. Or that the NCAA enforces improper academic standards as well […]

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Revolutionary Financial Aid Changes on the Table

It is extremely early in the process, but the NCAA Division I Rules Working Group is kicking around some of the most revolutionary changes to financial aid in some time. A number of concepts would radically change the landscape for both headcount and equivalency sports while others would remove many of the burdens and hassles […]

A Wishlist for a New NCAA President

I’m generally not a “heads must roll” person when it comes to scandals. The idea that after a scandal everyone must be fired up to and including the leader of the organization is reductive and almost always adds additional challenges when an organization needs to retool as much as its needs new people. Sometimes though […]

NCAA Lost a Lifeline With Miami Debacle

The misconduct in the Miami investigation certain is a black mark on the history of the NCAA and throws the organization into disarray in the present. The NCAA has made a lot of decisions and rules that people disagree with over the years, but rare are the cases where the conduct of the national office […]

Why An NCAA Miami Settlement is Unlikely

In the wake of the NCAA’s release of the results of its external review, many have called on the NCAA to end its investigation of Miami and essentially settle the case. There are a lot of reasons to recommend this course of action. Miami has already self-imposed penalties. The NCAA would be exposing itself to […]

Takeaways From the NCAA External Review

The NCAA released a public report on the misconduct during the Miami investigation. It is a blow-by-blow account of how an NCAA investigator worked with Maria Elena Perez, Miami booster Nevin Shapiro’s attorney, to gain subpoena power and depose witness as part of Shaprio’s bankrupty case. Four of the principles in the case are no […]

UT Reports Secondary Violations

Tennessee reported 10 secondary violations over the past six months, and posted 20 including some that had already been reported to their website. It’s the normal grab-bag of accidental tweets here, a little extra benefit there, and a basketball tryout violation which would have been fine if it had occurred in April rather than September. […]

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Solutions to the Baseball Scholarship Crunch

Baseball occupies a funny place in college athletics right now. On the one hand, it probably has never been a better time for college baseball. The sport has a grand new home in Omaha for its championship series. Schools are investing money in the sport and taking it far more seriously than previously. The NCAA […]

Three Things You Didn’t Know About the NLI

Wednesday is Signing Day. On Signing Day, thousands of prospects will sign the National Letter of Intent. A lot has been written about the National Letter of Intent, enough that most fans understand the basic premise: An athlete signs the NLI, gets an athletic scholarship for a year, and agrees to attend the school. But […]

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