NCAA Events

Registration Opens for NCAA Regional Rules Seminars

The NCAA today opened registration for the 2014 Regional Rules Seminars, hosted May 20–23 in Atlanta and June 3–6 in San Diego. The regional rules seminars are the NCAA’s main event for compliance professionals and those associated with compliance on campus like the registrar’s office, financial aid, and admissions. It is also a favorite penalty […]

Preparing for O’Bannon

Pat Haden made headlines when he said to Sports Illustrated’s Stuart Mandel that the O’Bannon lawsuit was not a slam dunk for the NCAA and that schools needed to start preparing for a loss: “The context of the lawsuit has changed. What do we do if we lost?” Haden said of the NCAA’s side. “All […]

A Wishlist for a New NCAA President

I’m generally not a “heads must roll” person when it comes to scandals. The idea that after a scandal everyone must be fired up to and including the leader of the organization is reductive and almost always adds additional challenges when an organization needs to retool as much as its needs new people. Sometimes though […]

2013 NCAA Convention: State of the Association

NCAA President Mark Emmert started the annual State of the Association address with a number of stories. Those were stories about the first intercollegiate contest, a heavily promoted rowing match between Harvard and Yale; the first football games between Rutgers and Princeton; the use of football to build the reputation of the fledgling University of […]

2013 NCAA Convention: IPP Focus on Data

The Institutional Performance Program, the successor to the NCAA certification program, is as wildly different from its predecessor as just about any program in NCAA history. The old program was a once-every-ten-years process where athletic departments received what amounted to an accreditation. It was a time consuming and infrequent process. The IPP will at the […]

2013 NCAA Convention: Initial Eligibility Educational Session

The session on educational initiatives surrounding the new initial eligibility standards was not a chance to rehash the legislation, but instead focused more exclusively on getting the word out to high schools and prospects about the new changes. All of the panel talked about the urgency and, in the words of John Morris, deputy AD […]

2013 NCAA Convention: DIII Student-Athlete Well-Being Notes

The theme of the eductional session on trends in student-athlete well-being at the Division III level was doing more with less. As much as Division I gets criticized for not doing enough for athletes, the top level has plenty of resources. And certainly when a student-athlete well-being issue comes up, especially one that draws attention […]

2013 NCAA Convention: Social Media and Student-Athletes

The NCAA’s social media and student-athletes session did not touch on compliance per se, except for compliance with state laws, noting that four states have passed laws banning schools from many of the techniques used to monitor social media use by students like getting account credentials or using some third-party monitoring services. NCAA rules like […]

2013 NCAA Convention: It Takes A Village Notes

The session titled “It Takes a Village: Shared Responsibility for Athletics Compliance” touched on how to build relationships and get the larger campus community involved in athletics compliance. The panelists included faculty athletics representatives and administrators from all three NCAA divisions. One consistent theme was the building of relationships informally. Face-to-face meetings, regular interactions, and […]

Sports Wagering Session Notes

I sat in on a session discussing the NCAA’s 2012 sports wagering and social environments study. The NCAA has studies every year, generally returning to the same topic every four years. This is the third edition of the sports wagering study, after 2004 and 2008. This study included a new dimension by asking about an […]

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