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Jon Duncan Enters Final Third of NCAA Enforcement Term

Dennis Dodd of Now that he is the head man in Indianapolis, [Jon] Duncan has mostly been that unnoticed umpire. Scandal has died down the past nine months. The enforcement department/staff has become less of a lightning rod. Inside the NCAA, Duncan is getting high marks, according to sources. After a expansion and innovation […]

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Verbal Commitments Are Not Going Anywhere Soon

Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times: Time to abolish “commitment” from the recruiting vernacular. If society can rid itself of AstroTurf, the BCS and The T.O. Show, surely it can wean itself off a word simply not compatible with big-time recruiting in its current form. That goes for its preposterous spin-offs as well. No […]

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Scholarship Agreement Question Requires NCAA Action

This article by Mitch Sherman for is ostensibly about the NCAA’s recent interpretation which limits the value to prospects, especially midyear football enrollees, of signing multiple scholarship agreements before committing to a school. But the final sentence of the article shows that the events which prompted the interp have touched a raw nerve: At […]

NCAA Staff Asks for Temporary Authority in Waivers and Reinstatement

The NCAA Leadership Council meeting on January 16 at the NCAA Convention in San Diego will be headlined by the anticipated adoption of new transfer waiver guidelines. But the Council will take up a request from the NCAA staff that could have even further reaching implications. To summarize the request, the calls for the NCAA […]

NCAA Proposal Focused on Short-Term Repair, Not Long-Term Improvement

After months of speculation, it appears the issue of NCAA governance is moving rapidly toward a conclusion. What started as threats by commissioners of BCS conferences to further subdivide Division I if not exit the NCAA entirely is now a set of 14 PowerPoint slides that propose how Division I will be run. Brad Wolverton […]

Why the NCAA Struggles with Transfers

Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated dug into the issue of transfers in men’s basketball and went beyond the surface level concerns. Most articles about transfers, particularly in men’s basketball, focus on the sheer number of transfers, the number and inconsistency of waiver decisions, or the NCAA’s restrictions on transfers. Thamel talked to coaches and teased […]

Two-Year Colleges Need to Refine Criticism of NCAA

Brad Wolverton of the Chronicle of Higher Education has the latest in a series of pieces by a number of outlets involving criticism of the NCAA’s increased academic requirements for junior college transfers by the two-year college community. Those complaints are myriad, ranging from the requirements themselves to how they were implemented. The problem, as […]

Fourth Annual: New Year’s New NCAA Rules

The new year brings with it my fourth attempt to fix the NCAA Division I Manual. Like the last three years, the goal is not to identify major changes or philosophical shifts. These are all intended to be relatively minor changes that should have an outsized benefit. After three previous lists and the work done […]

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Hairston Case Delay in UNC’s Hands, Not NCAA’s

In a release today, the NCAA announced that it has reinstated North Carolina men’s basketball student-athlete Leslie McDonald. McDonald was suspended for nine games, a standard 30% of the season and ordered to pay restitution to charity in the amount of $1,783. But the final sentence of the release is the most fascinating: At this […]

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Emmert’s Comments Suggest Power Conferences Will Control Division I

USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach captured this quote from NCAA President Mark Emmert about the upcoming changes to the governance model: Emmert suggested that Big 5 members would look at areas where they could improve the welfare of student-athletes, such as implementing a stipend to cover the full cost of attendance, providing more meals and addressing […]

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